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Interior Design Elements That Will Help Any Instagram Blogger Gain More Followers

Modern kitchen with Monstera plant

When it comes to interior design, it can be challenging to find your way to the top or even be seen and set apart from other people doing the exact same thing as you. Instagram is the best place to show off your creativity, but how can you get more IG followers and really take your profile to the next level? 

There are several tips for interior design bloggers to build up their Insta accounts and gain more success. Check out these fantastic tips. 

1. Invest Where it Counts

Numerous actions can be taken to improve your interior design page. You could spend tons of money trying to stage the perfect products or take the perfect pictures. But does that guarantee any type of momentum for your IG profile? Nope. 

Now, don’t get us wrong. You do need to invest in yourself in these ways and build your brand and style up for others to see, and those expenses are for your business in general. 

One of the investments you could try is to buy Instagram followers in the form of a package for 20 fans and spend less than $5. This type of investment will bring you momentum and grow your fanbase. And as your IG friends grow this way, other people will notice and start to follow you on Insta too. 

You could spend money on magazines and high-end designer items, but when we talk about investing in IG, we mean spending money in ways that will truly work and bring you more followers. 

2. Do Your Own Thing

The very best advice we could give you is to do your own thing. Rather than worrying so much about trying to be just like every other creator out there on Instagram, spend time showing off your skills. Chances are you became a designer with many Instagram followers because you have your own unique creativity. 

You are not required to fit into a box or try to perfect your style to match everyone else’s. In fact, if you start worrying about trying to be like the next prominent interior designer, you will probably lose momentum. 

If you’re trying to be like someone else on IG, just stop it! You need to be authentically you, which is one of the most significant details that will drive your success on Insta. Don’t copycat, fans pick up on that. Can you find inspiration? Sure! But avoid getting hung up on trying to be just like that other person that already gained many Instagram followers.  

 Bright bedroom with large arched window

3. Throw Pillows Add Dimension

One of the most well-liked design fads among Insta users with tons of followers use is throw pillows. Throw pillows add dimension to an otherwise plain space. You can put them on chairs, couches, benches, and more. 

There is just something about the pillow that makes the space look cozier. The best part is that you can change your pillows out for seasonal accent needs, or you can buy changeable throw pillow covers too. That will help you in content creation for IG, which will bring you many Instagram followers.

This is a perfect way also to add some color if you want to use your throw pillows to make that splash. This is all about accenting the space with a little something that has the ability to stand out. 

4. Simple with a Splash of Color

Currently, keeping your design primarily simple is one of the most voguish looks on Insta. People are looking for warm and neutral tones because they can add a splash of color and don’t have to revamp everything when they tire of the current decor. 

Some of the most popular simple schemes of the season use warm tans, light grays, and white shades too. Start with the element of simplicity and then add a splash of color to bring the room or specified area to life. Your splash of color can be totally subtle, but you should make it pop to attract more IG followers. 

There’s just something about this that makes a space look clean and welcoming simultaneously. This interior design feature appears to help people improve their lives, which is something that many people are looking for on Instagram. 

What shade of color do you prefer when you’re trying to make a splash? Something like navy is stunning, and colors like red or orange make a real statement. And simple pops of black, yellow, purple, and other shades can also look great and attract IG fans from the feed. 

5. Light is the Perfect Accent

When you’re looking for ideas for your home, look at the grand picture. What is the one thing that always stands out to you? Picture this: watching that live video of your favorite designer on Instagram, you notice a touch of light that changes the whole room. 

Light, and the elements that produce light, offer ways to accent the room and ways to set the mood of the room. You’re going to want to consider light elements, from light fixtures in the ceilings or walls to lamps placed strategically on tables and in the corner of a room. 



These things bring light to the space, but you still need the perfect look. It’s not just the accent, either, and it’s about using the right type of light accent to bring the entire room together in a way that will certainly impress the masses and attract many IG followers. 

When planning a design, we recommend either starting with your light or bringing it in last so that you can pick the ideal furnishings to finish the room. 

6. Pick Your Plants

One of the most admired design elements of the current market is plants! Everyone wants plants or a small garden, and the Insta trend only seems to grow over time and brings bloggers many Instagram followers. It’s stylish and earthy, but it also adds life and color to any room. You can add plants to any type of style, and it fits in perfectly. 

You can use real or fake plants, although real plants have a lot of benefits. For example, they literally improve your oxygen. You can always choose simple succulents or those fake flowers that look real if you don’t have a green thumb or if you worry about your ability to maintain plants.

Add tall, slim plants to the corner of a room. Use vines or large plants to add to larger areas. Small flowers for tables or bookshelves, and the list could go on! Pick a plant you like and make it fit your function and Instagram profile. 

7. Strategize Mirror Placement

Mirrors used to be for bathrooms, vanities, and bedrooms. This hasn’t happened in a long time. Now, it’s perfectly common to use mirrors as part of your impressive design elements, and it’s popular to use them in place of wall hangings in specific areas throughout your home. If used creatively, it will help you create stunning publications that will bring you many IG fans.

If you’re going to use a mirror, find ways to place them strategically. For example, perhaps a large mirror over your entryway table. You can get one last glimpse in before you walk out the door and know that you’re ready to go – or that you need to dash back for a quick swipe of mascara. You can show such moments on Instagram and it will bring you many new followers interested in beauty and aesthetics. 

Mirrors are absolutely gorgeous and can serve a dual purpose when you strategically place them. 

Final Thoughts

Growing your Insta following doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s page. You can take these tips and inspiration and use them to find what works best for you. Pay attention to the analytics and details to help you figure out the best plans and results on Instagram and to gain more IG fans!