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Interior Design of a Modern Condo

Interior Design of a Modern Condo

The modern condo is all about style based on the space and the utility of each piece of furniture in a room, yet still warm and inviting. Light plays a major role in the design of each room and the condo as a whole. According to Realtor Spencer Hsu, using color and light together can make a space feel more expansive.

Save Space

A popular trend, as can be seen in these new condos in Markham, is to combine the living room and the dining area in the same room. A lot can be done with positioning your couches and dinner table so that they are facing opposite directions and saving space.

You can also save space in your kitchen by investing in quality cabinetry and innovative solutions to kitchen storage. Slide-out shelves are very popular, as well as hanging kitchen accessories such as pots and pans. 

Buy Local Art Or Custom Pieces

If you’re looking to put anything on the walls or for a specialty piece of furniture, then you’ll want to check out local craft fairs or professional artists rather than going to a big chain home goods store that sells generic pieces of art. A piece made by a local artist, however, tells a story and makes your home unique. From customized frames and bookshelves to decorative pieces that you can hang on a wall, there is probably a lot around you. You can do a Google search for local celebrity artists who may have prints for sale of iconic landmarks in your area or other works that represent the terrain, culture, or history where you live.

Another reason why getting to know local carpenters or artists is a good idea is that a condo owner needs to be economical with their space. To save space, you want to have hidden storage — under the sink in your bathroom or kitchen, under your bed, or in your closet. A professional carpenter will be able to create vertical storage spaces for tables that come with drawers for you to store things. And unlike buying something from a store, you get to decide what size and dimensions you want of your piece based on the space you have.

 Interior Design of a Modern Condo

Wall colors

The colors of your walls play a big part in setting the mood for your condo. Many people choose neutral colors that are tones of beige, white or gray, or can lean towards browns and yellows. Occasionally, depending on the neighborhood and the climate where the condo is, a room or two can be painted with a brighter color. There are no rules when it comes to wall color, but you do have to decide what kind of mood you want to set. Here is a good guide to help you:

  • A white-toned paint with a slight rose color can warm up a room
  • A paint with gray hues can cool down a room and gives a luxurious feel

Create A Mood Board

One of the best ways to figure out what exactly that you want is to create a mood board to show to your designer or real estate agent. This provides clear and consistent communication to them regarding what you want. From there, they will develop a color palette and a style that is exciting and inviting for you to live in.