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Interior Design Tips for Apartment Renters

Interior Design Tips for Apartment Renters

When you rent a property, there are often a lot of restrictions about how far you can really take your grand interior design plans. Not only will most landlords become a bit annoyed if you start carrying out a major overhaul, but you also have to consider that the property isn’t yours. If you spend too much, then it’s your landlord that’s going to benefit in the long term. The good news is that just because you’re renting, it doesn’t mean that your home has to look bland and lackluster. There are lots of quick and easy (and low-cost) ways to transform even the most cramped apartment.

Step One: Talk to Your Landlord

This should always be the first thing that you do before you start your decorating project. Find out exactly what your landlord is ok with you doing. Most will be fine with a few walls being painted, but may get nervous if you start talking about removing one! It’s often a good idea to have some pictures to show your landlord, so that they can see what kind of look you’re going for. Don’t forget though, you may have to repaint the walls back to their original color before you move out.

Step Two: Small Touches

Never underestimate how much a space can change with even small alterations. A rug over an ugly carpet, new curtains, or even laminating a kitchen counter can all be transformative when it comes to creating a home that you love. One of the most overlooked changes that you can make is to swap your door furniture for something that’s more in line with your decor aesthetic. Even something as easy as replacing all of your Cabinet Pulls in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom can make a room look and feel very different. And with the wide range of styles available, you get to align your door furniture with your other small changes so that you have a more streamlined design scheme that you’ll want to spend more time in.


Step Three: Accessorize

From rugs on floors to cushions that can go everywhere and anywhere, renting a property means decorating in ways that mean you can take those decorative choices with you when you move out. That’s where accessories come in. If you don’t want the cluttered look of cushions and throws, then you should take a closer look at your plant options. Adding some green plants around your home is always a good idea, and it’s good for you, too! If you don’t fancy the upkeep and you’re more likely to kill a plant than benefit from its presence, then bookcases loaded with books are a less stressful option. Books bring character and personality to a room more than almost any change you can make.

It’s never easy when we live somewhere that we don’t enjoy. Our personal space needs to reflect our personalities, and living in a badly designed and decorated apartment can lead to all sorts of frustrations. Take the time to think more about how you want your apartment to look, and start making the small changes that can make all of the difference when it comes to relaxing and enjoying our time at home.