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Interior Design Tips for Home Renovations

Bedroom with large window

Renovating a property can be both challenging and exciting, but it’s still a great opportunity to design your perfect home. While ensuring the house is structurally sound and has the right number of rooms and other essential spaces you need, when you start dressing up the interiors, the whole house starts to come together. If you are starting to experiment with different ideas for your interior styles, here are a few key considerations to keep in mind and, hopefully, some suggestions that will inspire you.

The Character of the Property

When it comes to brainstorming your interior design options, it’s important to consider the overall character of the property you are working with. For example, if you have built a house that follows a modern, eco-friendly design, natural materials and crisp, clean décor choices would complement this well. You could also incorporate earthy tones and plenty of house plants to welcome more nature into your home. If the house is a period property, look for ways you can bring these vintage features into the spotlight. Chesterfield sofas in your living room or study, Tiffany-style glass lampshades, or wall sconces could also work well. You may also want to include some antique furnishings or decorative items. If you want something retro but a little more recent, mid-century designs for your furniture could be the perfect fit. 

Consider the Space

Whether you prefer a more minimalist approach to your interiors or not, you still want to ensure your house doesn’t feel cramped. Always consider the size of the rooms and how your color schemes and furnishings can impact the space. Darker colors can make a room feel smaller, so if you do want to incorporate these shades into your décor, save them for larger spaces or a simple statement wall. You may also want to think about how much natural light comes into each room, as if there isn’t a lot, these darker colors can make rooms look too gloomy. You should always take measurements of each room and make a note of this, as you will need to use them to find the right-sized furniture that will fit neatly into your space. 

 Modern bathroom with hanging fixtures

Find Ways to Make Statements

If you want your interiors to stand out, think of ways to make statements with your décor. This doesn’t have to be limited to the color you choose for your walls or picking some interesting wallpaper. Other ways to make your interiors look stylish and bold include the types of doors you choose. Various styles of internal doors include glass panes, bi-folding doors, carved wood, and much more. Statement lampshades can also bring a room’s décor together or even a beautiful framed photograph or art print. 

How Well Will Your Décor Age?

You can always upgrade your home’s décor throughout the years, and you likely want to make updates to help your living space feel refreshed. However, it is still important to think about how well your choices will age, as what is trending now might fall out of favor by 2024. Although experimenting with some bolder choices can be great, timeless interiors that follow a more simplistic approach could be ideal. This can often include neutral color schemes, but you can always incorporate some more vibrant tones through other decorative items such as house plants, artwork, candleholders, etc.

The Budget

Last but certainly not least, you do need to keep in mind the budget that you are working with. If you are trying to stick to a smaller budget for your interiors, consider shopping at second-hand furniture stores where you can find excellent quality pieces for good prices. Your budget will also impact the materials you can choose from to get your desired look, such as the difference between choosing hardwood flooring or laminate for a more affordable option and a similar aesthetic. Take your time to shop around to find good deals on various items, and you may also find that creating a spreadsheet can help you keep track of these costs.

If you are planning to start putting together the interior touches for your home renovation, consider the tips above to help you achieve the look you want while sticking to your budget. You may also want to put together an inspiration board with different color schemes, furniture styles, and other décor options to help you visualize your interiors more clearly, and it might help you to make those final decisions, or even change your mind on certain aspects.