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Interior Style Trends For 2020 You Can Easily Incorporate Into Your Home 

For many of us, being at home all the time has made us rethink some of our decorating decisions and so you may be itching to give your living space a shake up. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up some simple fixes and things you can do to spruce up your home without spending loads of time of money. 

We took inspiration from this home decorating guide created by Sunny, that features all of the trends we should be incorporating into our homes this year.

Green appears to be a running theme and Dulux even announced a pretty shade of green as their colour of 2020 – Tranquil Dawn. This shade is pleasant and calming, perfect for a feature wall in a dining room or for adding a pop of colour amongst some panelled walls in the bedroom. Of course, it’s easy to add a dash of green with indoor plants and as well as the colour you’ll also enjoy the health benefits that come with featuring plants in your home. 

 Interior Style Trends For 2020 You Can Easily Incorporate Into Your Home 

70s yellows are another popular colour choice for 2020, as we take inspiration from the era of disco with mustard yellow hues and sunshine shades throughout the home. Scatter cushions, curtains and accessories such as vases and planters are easy to introduce to your space and can be removed once you want to mix up the room again with another on-trend colour. 

Finally, for those who love the dark colour schemes of years past, you’ll be pleased to discover that they are here to stay. Navy is a popular colour for 2020 homes with homeowners featuring it on feature walls or painting ceilings to create a dramatic feeling in the space. Navy isn’t to be trifled with though so ensure you’re using it in a bright room that enjoys plenty of natural light to ensure you don’t end up with a dim, cave-like vibe. 

Texture In The 20s 

Texture is important this year as we strive to make our homes that perfect blend of minimal but inviting. Cool white walls complement beautifully with faux fur rugs, cosy knitted throws and knitted macrame wall hangings that we’re seeing across a great many influencers and home interior magazine photos. 

Embrace texture this year to tap into this trend. Pile up warming throws on the arm of the sofa, add embellished cushions and swap out your usual rug for a thick piled version to act as a centrepiece in the room. 


Create Some Class

Classicism is supposedly back as people move away from geometric shaped home accessories and instead lean towards Grecian style busts, figures and ornately decorated vases and bowls to feature on mantle pieces and coffee tables. It’s time to dig around the loft and find those old ornaments your Nan left you, give them dust off and feature them in pride of place. 

Take this time to make your home a space you and your loved ones can enjoy with some simple changes that make a huge difference.