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Humane’s Ai Pin Unleashes AI’s Power in a Wearable!

Introducing Ai Pin: The Revolutionary Wearable AI Device by Humane Inc.

Humane Inc.

Humane Inc. has officially launched Ai Pin, the world’s first wearable device and software platform designed to fully utilize the capabilities of artificial intelligence. With Ai Pin, personal consumer technology enters a new era, providing users with the opportunity to carry AI with them wherever they go in a unique, conversational, and screen-free format.

Ai Pin revolutionizes the way individuals engage with artificial intelligence. Users can effortlessly communicate with it, utilizing the user-friendly touchpad, presenting objects, employing gestures, or interacting through the groundbreaking Laser Ink Display projected onto their palm. This one-of-a-kind, screen-free interface seamlessly integrates into the surroundings, while delivering the capabilities of AI through various modes of interaction.

Introducing Ai Pin: The Revolutionary Wearable AI Device by Humane Inc.

Ai Pin seamlessly integrates into one’s daily routine and enhances their interactions with the world. It is designed to handle both simple and complex tasks with ease. Ai Mic is equipped to supercharge searches and provide contextualized results quickly. The AI-powered messaging feature can craft messages in the user’s tone of voice, while the Catch Me Up function helps sort through the clutter of their inbox. With a partnership with TIDAL, new AI-driven music experiences come to life. The AI-powered photographer feature helps capture and recall important memories. Ai Pin also has the ability to act as a foreign language interpreter and support nutrition goals by identifying food using computer vision. As the device and platform continue to evolve with future updates, the possibilities it unlocks are endless.

Introducing Ai Pin: The Revolutionary Wearable AI Device by Humane Inc.

Ai Pin is available in three different colors: Eclipse, Equinox, and Lunar. It features a distinctive two-part design, comprising of the main computer and a battery booster. These components are connected magnetically and can be powered wirelessly through clothing and apparel, allowing users to wear Ai Pin in various styles. Thanks to its perpetual power system, users can conveniently swap the battery booster while on the move, ensuring continuous usage and a full day of battery life.

The complete Ai Pin system can be ordered in the United States starting November 16th, with prices starting at $699.