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Is a Graphic Designer Also an Artist?

Is a Graphic Designer Also an Artist?

People encounter hundreds of images on a daily basis. Traditionally, only those that are attention-grabbing will be remembered and spread, but a few will think about the process of their creation. Who works on improving the visual content of books, postcards, flyers or advertisement materials? Artists and graphic designers can fulfill this task.

Can these professions be counted as like-for-like and interchangeable? Stay tuned to find it out!

Basic Notions

In simple terms, a professional who is aimed at creating products on the base of graphic arts and design standards is known as a graphic designer. The word “artist” has a few meanings, but, in general, that is a person who is engaged in activities connected with making art objects. It is an individual that can draw and represents their own views and ideas through the visual medium.

What Is Your Goal?

The designer’s project has to stick to the customer’s requirements and solve particular tasks. For instance, if the field of web design, specialists have to think not just about how beautiful this or that element is, but about how functional and intuitive in navigation it will be in comparison with other details on the page.

When it comes to artists’ work, they create, taking into account how united lines, shapes, textures, and colors of the composition are. They check the balance, contrast, and patterns’ suitability of their picture, as well as how rhythmic and dynamic its main heroes are, etc.

 Is a Graphic Designer Also an Artist?

Work Strategies

Without a doubt, many people confuse the meaning of these two concepts. In reality, what a graphic designer does isn’t synonymous or equal to duties and abilities of an artist, but one is capable of acquiring two occupations.

Graphic design isn’t just about beautiful images. This field is frequently called communication design, and that is for a reason. The main goal of the master is to reflect ideas and make a powerful influence on the recipients.

In this case, designers perform in the role of mediators between brands and their target audience. Illustrations are accompanied with varied visual means of interaction like words and phrases, logos, icons, etc. All the elements of the project are well-thought-out. The structure of the layout, as well as objects’ location, is of great value.

The approaches of graphic designers and artists are completely opposite. Artists are more independent in the things they do and would like to show. The value of a painting isn’t to cope with any practical issues but to share the author’s intention with recipients. Just think whether all of the pictures are accepted straightforward — “The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo and “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci will become excellent examples.

Graphic design field is more oriented to commercial projects. With a brief description of the task at hand, they gather, analyze information to find the best solution. The most interesting thing is that almost any visual elements can be used to achieve the result. Paul Rand, a famous graphic designer of the twentieth century, had a huge impact on the industry development and implemented his own algorithm to verify logo’s suitability and efficiency.

 Is a Graphic Designer Also an Artist?

Working Environment

All things considered, it seems weird why the two different in their inner purpose fields are so misleading for people. One of the reasons is the technological progress. Nowadays, both parties have access to advanced tools to create visual masterpieces. Drawing tablets like Wacom Intuos make it easy for anyone to draw digitally. Software like Amadine will come in handy for newcomers and expert users, regardless of which task they face.

This vector drawing app allows enthusiasts to adjust available presets and templates (which works great for graphic designers) and make an image of any level of complexity with its profound editing and drawing tools (which is lifesaver for artists). Active customers will appreciate its iPhone and iPad compatibility, which provides for an ability to work on the go.

In this perspective, the same medium of work and the ability to create beautiful graphics is the thing that will always unite the two professions under consideration. However, if you would like to succeed in any art, it is necessary to check which principles are close to your picture of the world and preferences.