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Is Steel The Best Material For Building Houses?

Is Steel The Best Material For Building Houses?

Steel boasts of a long history in the construction industry and has been one of the main components when building commercial and residential buildings. It has always been considered the go-to material by engineers due to its improved structural resistance and fire resistance qualities. Today, a wide number of industries rely on steel and if you’re looking for a great source for your application, FastMetals has steel for sale. But, with more materials available to be used in the construction of houses, is steel still a viable option?  

This is one question you must be asking yourself as you wonder whether to use steel to construct your next house. Therefore, here are some ideas to get started on the benefits of using steel for your next construction project: 

1. Speed Of Construction

If you want a building material that quickly allows you to complete your construction project, then steel is undoubtedly the right choice. The reason for this is that little work is required on your end when using steel apart from assembling the steel on-site using bolted connections. As a result, the construction duration is a lot shorter as the focus is on decongested construction sites and staged delivery. This makes steel the perfect choice when looking to construct a building in a highly congested area. 

2. Remarkable Aesthetic Appeal 

Architects enjoy being given the freedom to express their creativity, and using steel, unlike many other construction materials, allows them to achieve that. Also, steel boasts of an exceptional aesthetic appeal that makes it pleasing to the eye. This is crucial because how the building eventually looks is a priority in architecture nowadays. 

All this is possible thanks to steel allowing you the freedom to experiment, depending on the design you’re hoping to achieve. This is because you can shape and cut steel into different sizes and shapes without causing it to bend, crack, buckle, or distort. If you’re a designer, this is music to your ears as you can go ahead and construct a unique and appealing structure, all thanks to these exceptional qualities of steel. 

3. Fire Resistance 

When designing a building, safety needs to be one of the main factors to consider. You get to achieve this when using steel frame construction as it allows you to improve the building’s safety due to its fire-resistance qualities. This is because steel helps reduce the risk of a fire outbreak and slows the fire’s spread should it happen. Moreover, fire-resistance helps you save a considerable amount of money you would have otherwise spent on putting in place additional fire safety measures. 

 Is Steel The Best Material For Building Houses?

4. Eco-Friendly 

The increased levels of global warming have made it necessary to lower the emission of toxic carbon gases into the environment. Steel allows you to achieve this because it’s made from 100% recyclable material, with tons of steel recycled every year. This means use of the material is environmentally sustainable as it’s waste-free. 

Steel parts are pre-engineered, so they fit more perfectly. This, together with airtight insulation, makes the building completely airtight, thereby making it more energy-efficient. 

Moreover, using steel in construction also helps save the environment because it doesn’t use too much fuel while being transported due to its lightweight nature. 

5. Quick And Efficient Construction 

When undertaking a construction project, one of your main objectives is to cut down on cost as much as possible. This is what you’ll get should you choose to go with steel as your preferred construction material. You can efficiently and quickly build a house using steel across the different seasons without breaking a sweat. One reason for this is that the structural frames made from steel are lighter than those of other construction materials, like concrete. 

You also take a much shorter duration erecting a whole steel frame, usually several days, unlike other materials that take several weeks. As a result, you might end up saving between 20% to 40% of the construction cost, depending on the size of your project. 

6. Durability

As you build a house, your desire is to have it functional for an extended duration while still maintaining its aesthetic appeal. This is one thing that steel offers you, unlike some of the construction materials, like wood. The strength and resilience of steel make it capable of handling whatever is thrown at it. Hence, it’s an excellent choice in an area that gets hurricanes, earthquakes, heavy snowing, and strong winds. Moreover, steel’s durable nature means you spend less money on maintenance costs. 


Using steel is still the right way to go, regardless of whether you’re building a commercial building, home, or recreational facility. If you had some reservations due to the emergence of other suitable building material alternatives, this guide has highlighted why steel is still an excellent choice. This is even after you consider some of the downsides of using it as a building material.