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Is Your AC Unit Broken? Here Are Some Useful Tips

Man cleans air conditioner filter

One of the most sensitive home appliances is air conditioning, whether it’s a central or window type unit, they tend to need care and regular maintenance in order to work efficiently. Air conditions are greatly affected by the room size when it comes to effectiveness and competence. Maintenance and safeguard measures are highly required to keep your AC running at its optimal performance. Here are some useful tips to do when your AC unit is broken.

Cleaning Filters

If you experience an air conditioner malfunction, the first thing you need to check is the filters. Any type of air conditioner has air filters and all of them are likely clogged, sometimes preventing the air from flowing smoothly. Clogged filters reduce the ability of the AC to cool the air effectively, especially on hot summer days. If you tried cleaning the filters but the problem still occurs, you might need to check the manufacturer’s recommendations to replace the filters with new ones. Everything has a lifespan, and air conditioners’ filters can be subject to replacement more often depending on usage and other reasons, like having pets.

Warm Air Leakage

This problem is mainly associated with window-type ACs, if the seals around the windows aren’t locked properly, the cold air will seep out while hot air will likely leak in. Warm air leakage is quite common, so make sure you seal around your windows properly to ensure your AC’s efficiency. Most of the new air conditioner models come with insulation panels to reduce the leakage problem, but it’s partially effective and it’s better to reseal with weather stripping around your window unit to increase your unit’s cooling ability.

 man makes air conditioner maintenance

Check the Installation Liability

Air conditioners are noisy appliances, especially the noise coming from the compressor’s cycling process and the fan whir. All these sounds come in the normal list of window ACs, but if you start hearing vibrating sounds, you need to check if the installation went as required. Schedule a check or review for your home warranty policy and address your installation problem with your service provider. Home warranty companies provide their customers with comprehensive maintenance and repair solutions.

Check the Thermostat Setting

Problems with temperature settings are likely to happen if the thermostat of your air conditioner is directed to sunlight. Programmable and smart thermostats are highly effective in controlling your room’s temperature, especially if it detects that someone is in the room. If you feel any changes in proficiency, check if it’s in the right setting and directed away from the sunlight.

Electronic home appliances, especially air conditioning units, need regular maintenance to ensure ideal performance. Malfunction and repair problems are unavoidable but knowing where your problem lies and the ways to solve it makes it easier to fix. Air condition problems are not always complicated, sometimes a simple cleaning procedure for your filters can fix it all, without the need to call for maintenance. Other deficiencies like hearing a vibrating noise coming from your window AC could be an installation problem, which needs professional Denver air conditioning repair. Whether it’s a simple or complicated repair problem, the sooner it’s dealt with the fewer hazards to deal with in the future.