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Jaguar Special Operations Reveals New Lightweight E-type

Jaguar’s Special Operations division has revealed the prototype of its ‘new’ Lightweight E-type handcrafted in limited edition by the automaker’s skilled workers in England. The new cars are the ‘missing’ six vehicles from the ‘Special GT E-typeproject, which originally started in February 1963 with the objective of building 18 cars. Only 12 of the aluminium-bodied Lightweight E-types were eventually built and the remaining six designated chassis numbers having lain dormant, until now. The six new cars will carry those original, historic Lightweight E-type chassis numbers.


Made to its original 1963 standards, this iconic model features an aluminum body and a classic six-cylinder XK engine with an aluminum block, wide angle aluminum cylinder and dry sump lubrication.

The Jaguar ‘New’ Lightweight E-type will make its debut at Pebble Beach this week. For more details about the ‘New’ Lightweight E-Type’s, head over to InteractiveJaguar.com.

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all images courtesy of JAGUAR