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Kangaroo Light by Studio Banana Things


Studio Banana Things, creators of Ostrich Pillow, are back on Kickstarter with their latest project, the “Kangaroo Light“, a portable, built in battery powered soft light designed to fit inside a bag. Ingeniously designed to comfortably adjust and sit at the bottom of your bag; providing a soft glow when you are locating things, saving time and avoiding frustration.


Studio Banana Things are lovers of fun, functional everyday objects and are no strangers to the biological benefits of light. Kangaroo Light has been designed to fully fit your lifestyle and can be used for multiple purposes outside your bag too. Turn Kangaroo Light into the picture-perfect private reading light or perhaps add a hint of romantic light mood to that special dinner. The lighting possibilities are endless and for you to decide.

Its sleek design and interactive glow were conceived by designers at Studio Banana Things in collaboration with the innovation quarter at Bangor University in UK.


Following two incredible recording breaking successful kickstarter stories in 2012 and 2013 the team at Studio Banana Things aim to expand their portfolio and raise £50,000 in 45 days making the production of Kangaroo Light a reality.