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Kavalierius Café in Lithuania by Ramūnas Manikas

Ramūnas Manikas

Designed by Lithuanian designer Ramūnas Manikas, Kavalierius is a specialty coffee shop in Panevėžys, Lithuania, that offers fine coffee in all its varieties and making techniques. Black and grey shades of floor tiles, metal constructions, window frames, shelves and furniture prevail in the interior. They are matched with dark brown, covered with black patina plywood furniture and jambs.

Dark tones become more vivid on the light walls background. Indoor flowers greenery gives some intrigue to this color composition. Geometric tiles pattern used for the finishing of one of the walls and a few countertops adds some playfulness as well. A noticeable emphasis is a settee, upholstered with genuine orange leather.

The logo made of neon sticks placed on one of the inside walls imitates street advertisement and together with all the other elements creates a unique interior style. The design of the logo, exterior and interior signage was also created for this site.

 kavalierius-cafe-in-lithuania-by-ramunas-manikas-2 kavalierius-cafe-in-lithuania-by-ramunas-manikas-3 kavalierius-cafe-in-lithuania-by-ramunas-manikas-4 kavalierius-cafe-in-lithuania-by-ramunas-manikas-5 kavalierius-cafe-in-lithuania-by-ramunas-manikas-6 kavalierius-cafe-in-lithuania-by-ramunas-manikas-7 kavalierius-cafe-in-lithuania-by-ramunas-manikas-8 kavalierius-cafe-in-lithuania-by-ramunas-manikas-9 kavalierius-cafe-in-lithuania-by-ramunas-manikas-10 kavalierius-cafe-in-lithuania-by-ramunas-manikas-11 kavalierius-cafe-in-lithuania-by-ramunas-manikas-12

all images courtesy of Ramūnas Manikas