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Kayanoya Shop by Kengo Kuma, Tokyo


Kengo Kuma has recently completed the interior refurbishment of the Kayanoya Shop in Tokyo, a soy sauce manufacture whose history dates back more than 120 years. The Kayanoya Shop in Nihonbashi is a reproduction of the company’s traditional warehouse in Kyushu, with shōyu wooden barrels that float to ceiling.


To display the products, Koji Buta (koji is malt rice used as a medium to make fermented food or seasoning as shoyu, miso and sake) is used as furniture. Koji Buta is a special wooden tray when making Koji for shōyu, and its design is highly functional and sophisticated. All sugi (cedar) materials are from Kyushu, and the barrels and trays were produced by local craftspeople, highlighting the importance of community oriented design.

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