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KEECKER Introduces World’s First HomePod

Paris­-based technology company KEECKER has launched with a Kickstarter campaign the world’s first HomePod. Equipped with a powerful video projection and a 360° audio and video camera system, KEECKER’s HomePod is a complete rethink on computers and allows users to project movies, listen to music, browse the web, make video calls, play video games wirelessly, and even create digital decoration, transforming any surface or room into a big entertainment screen. KEECKER is controlled through a smartphone or tablet app available for iOS and Android devices.


KEECKER is also equipped with multiple sensors that provide live data about the home, including temperature, CO2 and humidity levels, noise, and movement. Whether out at dinner or halfway around the world, users can access these home analytics via their smartphone and move KEECKER throughout the home to check in and see inside. KEECKER runs on Android, so users can personalize and customize it with the myriad apps available in the Google Play store.


The special Kickstarter edition of KEECKER will start at the discounted price of $1,990, allowing the first 20 funders to save $3,000 off the retail price. Subsequent funders will get a chance to own KEECKER for $2,990, $3,490 or $3,990, depending on when they pledge support. All purchasers will receive a charging station and will be able to download the KEECKER control app for free on Apple’s App Store and Google Play store.

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all images and video courtesy of KEECKER