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Keep Your Child Ahead in Tech with These Tips

A kid doing his Project

Vanessa Loring from Pexels

Parents want their kids to have the tools to stay ahead of the times. When it comes to technology, knowing how to code can be the difference between living in a world that bears your imprint versus being in one that can’t accommodate you.

People alienated from the technology that facilitates so many things face an uphill battle, from entertainment, information, or countless other things. To stay ahead, your child needs coding skills from an online summer program that meets the following criteria.

Learning for Play

Any parent who has seen how hooked children get playing video games will appreciate coding classes that harness this power for learning. The best coding classes in Toronto for kids teach them how to design and program their own video game, one they can play and share with friends and family.

This tangible sense of accomplishment will motivate them to learn. However, gamification concepts should also be built into the class material. That way, the tricks game designers use to keep kids interested in playing games instead are used to keep them learning.

 Child in a tech class

The best online coding classes show kids how to use coding languages that professionals rely on every day in the field. Avoid the classes that begin with programs like Scratch, which are only meant to give kids a sense of what coding is like. However, nobody builds a website, app, or video game using Scratch.

Leading online coding classes teach kids popular coding languages:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

When kids develop both soft, transferrable STEM skills and concrete coding skills in languages used across the industry, they’ll have the tools they need to design the tech future. 

Small Groups with Young Teachers

There’s a reason that elite private schools emphasize the small size of their classrooms. Students of all ages learn best in smaller groups, which tend to be more organized and have fewer disruptions.

The best online coding classes have a maximum of four students per class. Ideally, they should run no matter what, even if your child is the only student there. You shouldn’t have to book a class and get your child all excited for it, only to hope that it runs as scheduled.

Finally, look for an online coding program that hires teachers who skew on the young side. Kids should learn how to code video games from teachers who also grew up playing them. Gaming is a large part of childhood nostalgia. Teachers who grew up with home consoles and computer games won’t have to look for common ground to bond over with students. 

When teachers and students are both alight with that special ineffable spark, you won’t have to twist the students’ arms to get them to learn.

Designing the future of technology requires vision, imagination, and several crucial computer skills. When children take programming courses today, they’ll be the ones creating the tech we all use tomorrow. This summer, find the right online programming course if you want your child to put their signature on the tech world instead of the reverse.