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Keep Your Garden Warm This Winter with These Accessories

A family sitting in front of a fireplace

Ron Lach from Pexels

We’ve all spent time putting that extra bit of love into our garden over lockdown. But it seems to go to waste as soon as the winter sets in. Who wants to sit outside in the cold and the dark anyway?

Well, with the addition of these accessories, you can bring both heat and light to your outside space. That means no longer having to venture indoors or end the party early once the sun sets!

And with unpredictable weather, you can see heat accessories as an investment for your garden.

From a stylish gas fire pit, to cosy blankets, we have options for all budgets. Read on to see how you can kit out your garden in preparation for the looming dark, cold evenings.

Gas Fire Pit

A gas fire pit is an easy way to keep the outdoors heated, with options that look incredibly stylish to complement your outdoor aesthetic.

If you have limited outdoor space, a gas fire pit could also be a great option as you can find them in all types of sizes.

Buying a gas fire pit also allows you to determine how strong the flame is, which can be handy for those with young children. There are also options for weather shields to keep young ones safe.

If you’re looking for a glamorous addition to your garden, a fire pit could be your go-to.

Heat Lamps and Flame Towers

You know that feeling of euphoria you get when you notice the pub garden has outdoor heat lamps or flame towers? Why not bring that same feeling home with you?

With options of heat lamps in a variety of sizes, you can find these heating accessories for all types of garden spaces.

Whether you place a heat lamp directly on your garden wall, or you go all out and buy a large flame tower, both are certain to help you make the most of your outdoor space even once it starts to get cold.

 A family sitting in front of a fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace

If you have the luxury of a large outdoor space, you could create a permanent fireplace in your garden. Why not even make it the centerpiece and spend time getting creative with the design of it?

You can use concrete for a unique look or opt for stone if you like a less-out-there style.

Think about fire hazards before choosing where to place them, such as trees and fences.

Get Two in One

If you don’t have the space for a separate heater or fire pit, you can find one that doubles up as a coffee table as well as a fire pit, or you can even find one that is integrated into furniture. This will help save you space whilst also offering more than just heat.

Fleece Blankets

If you don’t have the budget for heaters, a simple alternative is stocking up on warm, fleece blankets to keep everyone cosy. You can get a box to keep all your blankets together so that there’s always some available.

Make The Most of Your Space

If you’ve spent a lot of time decorating your garden and making it a delightful space to spend time in, the thought of winter looming might put you down.

But just because it’s getting colder, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to neglect your garden. There are plenty of options out there for all budgets to accessorize your garden so you can still enjoy your outdoor space.

This is especially true when you have friends around, but you don’t want to go inside too early in the evening. You can even double up with heating accessories as well as blankets for extra warmth.

When it comes to deciding the type of heating accessory you’d like, you should consider things like your budget, garden space and how you would like it to look. 

So no matter the weather, you can allow yourself to enjoy the outdoors all year round with the right garden accessories.