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Keeping It Simple: Minor Changes That Improve Your Bathroom

Keeping It Simple: Minor Changes That Improve Your Bathroom

Homeowners want simple changes that provide a higher payoff when it comes to improving their bathrooms. Many homeowners are on a tight budget and cannot spend several thousand dollars completing a full renovation. Instead, the owners can start with simple changes that transform how the room looks and add a new style. Minor changes don’t have to cost a lot to achieve improvements, and the homeowners might see a major difference in just a few short hours. Reviewing which minor changes provide the best return on investment shows the homeowner how to improve their bathroom for less. 

Replacing the Vanity Mirror

Replacing the vanity mirror gives the room more shape and dimension. Less-traditional mirrors stand out and give the bathroom a fresher look. A round mirror could give the homeowner more reflected natural light and lower the amount of artificial light they need. A new vanity mirror gives the homeowner a chance to reflect their own personal style. Instead of choosing a mirror that connects to the vanity directly, the owner could choose a different shape to give the room more depth. Homeowners can review the current inventory before buying a bathroom mirror.

Buying New Linens

Buying new linens transforms the way the room looks, too. Choosing a central color palette for the room gives the homeowner the right colors to choose for their towels and washcloths. Three different yet coordinating colors can increase the appeal of the bathroom. For example, the homeowner could choose three shades of blue or green for their bathroom design. Buying towels and linens in these three shades makes the bathroom look more put together and sophisticated.

 Keeping It Simple: Minor Changes That Improve Your Bathroom

Repainting the Walls

Repainting the walls helps make the bathroom look fresh and new. Chipped paint can diminish a room design and make it aesthetically displeasing. Choosing a neutral paint color makes it easier to coordinate the color palette. A glossy white paint is a great choice for the bathroom, and the walls are easier to clean. White also makes a room look larger than it really is, and the choice could improve the overall appeal of the bathroom design.

Get a New Shower Curtain

Getting a new shower curtain presents the homeowner with a simple and cost-effective way to make a change. Perhaps, the owner has a specific theme they want to carry over from the master bedroom to their bathroom. This is easy enough to achieve by adding a new shower curtain. The homeowner can also choose coordinating soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and soap dispensers. Choosing a theme for the shower curtain decreases the need to go overboard with decorative touches. It can add a pop of color or add something specific to the room. For example, if the homeowner loves ocean-themed decor, they could choose a shower curtain with a beach scene or marine life.

Bring More Life into the Bathroom

Adding plants to the bathroom increases air quality and oxygen levels. Homeowners include plant life to the bathroom to absorb carbon dioxide and create a relaxing environment. Plants can create an aesthetically pleasing effect on a bathroom design and make it more attractive, too. Decorators recommend choosing a plant that reflects the room concept. For example, if the homeowner adds artwork in the bathroom with specific flowers, they can carry over the theme by adding live plants that are similar to the ones in the images. Colorful plants and greenery are terrific choices for a bathroom, too.

 Keeping It Simple: Minor Changes That Improve Your Bathroom

Add a Little Art to the Room

Adding a little art to the room increases the elegance of the design. Framed art is a better choice than wall plaques, and it adds more class to the room. If the homeowner chooses a theme, they can add wall art that includes elements of the theme. For example, if they wanted to the bathroom specifically for a fashionista, the wall art might feature high-end fashion designer logos or shoes. If they are designing a bathroom for a man that loves more rustic themes, the owner could choose framed art featuring images of the countryside. Artwork doesn’t have to be paintings or high-end choices. Some homeowners add black-and-white portraits of themselves to the bathroom. How they present these images makes the difference, and having the images professionally framed could increase the aesthetics of the bathroom. 

Change out the Existing Lighting

Changing the lighting presents a less expensive yet effective way to improve the bathroom. Transitional lighting is a wonderful choice for a spa-style bathroom, and it offers an option to dim the lights. The homeowner could create a tranquil atmosphere with the lighting. It could enhance the effects of soaking in a freestanding tub, and the right lighting helps the homeowner unwind after a long workweek. Women might prefer more illumination around the vanity to help them apply their makeup or get ready for the day. LED lighting installed around the vanity mirror adds proper illumination and makes it easier to see. Adding skylights in the bathroom allows natural light to flow into the space. Dual skylights above the vanity can create improved natural lighting and offer enough light for makeup applications.

Repaint Your Hardware

Repainting the hardware offers a cheaper way to improve the bathroom’s appeal and make it look more finished. Most bathroom fixtures are chrome, bronze, or copper. Using the right enamel for the hardware improves the way it looks and eliminates chips or damage quickly. Most spray enamel is only a couple of dollars per can, and the effects are lasting. Reviewing the best techniques for painting the hardware shows the homeowner how to improve these parts and make the bathroom look new. Homeowners make changes in their bathrooms to upgrade specific features. Outdated styles prove costly when the homeowner is ready to sell their property. Investing more in the design gives the homeowner the greatest payoff. However, for some homeowners, major changes aren’t within their budget and are far out of reach. Simple changes could be their best bet for improving their bathroom and getting more of a return on their investments. Following simple suggestions could give the homeowners that one minor change that makes the greatest difference.