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Kiddie Arts: Telmo Pieper transformed his childhood drawings into digital illustrations


Dutch artist Telmo Pieper has transformed his childhood drawings into digital illustrations series called ‘Kiddie Arts’. “I was fascinated by how strange and great the line drawings were from when I was little,” Pieper explained to TIME. “Surrealistic feel with a realistic subject — impossible to copy the style but possible to work it out further. So I did.”

Pieper found some old sketches and decided to bring the oddly shaped creatures to life, recreating them digitally with Photoshop and Paint. “Since the beginning I never stopped creating and drawing,” Pieper says. The biggest difference is that I started with pencils and crayons and now my main technique is the spray can or the Wacom tablet.”

 2-kiddie-arts-telmo-pieper-transformed-childhood-drawings-digital-illustrations 3-kiddie-arts-telmo-pieper-transformed-childhood-drawings-digital-illustrations 4-kiddie-arts-telmo-pieper-transformed-childhood-drawings-digital-illustrations 5-kiddie-arts-telmo-pieper-transformed-childhood-drawings-digital-illustrations 6-kiddie-arts-telmo-pieper-transformed-childhood-drawings-digital-illustrations 7-kiddie-arts-telmo-pieper-transformed-childhood-drawings-digital-illustrations 8-kiddie-arts-telmo-pieper-transformed-childhood-drawings-digital-illustrations 9-kiddie-arts-telmo-pieper-transformed-childhood-drawings-digital-illustrations 10-kiddie-arts-telmo-pieper-transformed-childhood-drawings-digital-illustrations

all images © TELMO PIEPER