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L2 Group Luxury Living

L2 Group Luxury Living

Regarding stylish modern furniture and contemporary design projects, L2 Group Luxury Living has been doing it the longest and, arguably, the best. L2 G believes that everyone deserves a home with all of the amenities that will make them both comfortable and attractive—L2G Luxury Living’s furnishing solutions are enhanced by sophisticated designs and high-quality materials, all of which are customizable to customers’ style. Here are some of the projects L2 G can help you design:

Binova Kitchens Design

Binova was founded in 1958 by Italian carpenters Giovanni and Francesco Bolletta is known for solving kitchen problems by finding a balance between design, technology, and quality.

The award-winning kitchen design is 100% energy self-sufficient range is a stunning and unique collection of modular configurations that offer flexibility in any kitchen space. Depending on preferences, style, or characteristics, units can be easily put against a wall.

 L2 Group Luxury Living

GF Interior System

With dynasties like the Medicis playing a significant role in developing the arts in Florence, Italian furniture has been as sought-after as its French equivalent since the Renaissance. Contemporary Italian furniture designers have made an indelible stamp on the modern age, establishing the country as a significant supplier of modern-day classics.

L2 G’S GF Interior System is an Italian brand with an impressive variety of contemporary furniture. GF Interior System is a family tradition of artistry that has been passed down through the generations in the service of research to build the best custodian of your emotions and memories. It pioneers modularity principles in the world of modern and exceptional modular wardrobes and luxury fitted walk-in closets.

Tailor-Made Products

L2 Group has developed a strategy of customizing design products like sofas and kitchen products to create awareness of owning unique designs. This gesture satisfies every need starting from the feeling of well-being from surrounding oneself with beautiful and valuable things.

L2 G aims to win the most demanding customers by proposing exclusive, elegant, and stylish furniture designs imagined and produced by high-end designers. For luxury types of furniture, here are some of their proposals.

 L2 Group Luxury Living

Flamingo Model Double Bed

The padding of a Flamingo double bed is completely detachable, and the base is simple orthopedic slatted. A necessary and straightforward design with clean lines in perfect conformity with the mantra “less is more for a minimalist chic bedroom.

The L2 G lullaby bed is a stunning design created to inspire a passionate relationship. Like a lullaby, this model embraces the body in curved and rounded forms, like an Angel. This L2 G’s bed mixes modular constructions and softer moldings.

To construct a complete hospitality project, contracting a designer is the best option. Designers discuss, among other things, your lifestyle, the function of each space, and your style. Also, having them in the early stages can address potential issues on your overall plan that may not blend with your style and desires.