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L242 Loudspeaker by Estragon for Vonschloo


Zurich-based studio estragon has designed this loudspeaker made of composite cement for vonschloo. estragon was influenced by the ‘folle’, an archaic sound object which has been used in the swiss alps for centuries to call the ‘alpsegen’. Its shape shape explains the purpose and function immediately. In contrast to many electronic products, the team wanted a 360° design to be attractive from every side and therefore, allowing this sound object to be placed in a variety of living environments. As important for the appearance is the choice of materials. The combination of composite cement, wood, metal and fabric create a very sophisticated and minimal look.  The warm, irregular and rough material of the housing compared with the smooth and delicate stand lends the product a unique visual character.


There are two different loudspeaker configurations. The only difference between both configurations are the stands, which can be exchanged at any time. The floor standing loudspeaker, with its stand inspired by the design of the 50’s and 60’s, suits perfectly for a free placement in a living space. The second version is a shelf loudspeaker, with a very compact stand. The L242 Loudspeaker is available here with a starting price of 2880 CHF (about $2,995 USD).

l242-loudspeaker-by-estragon-for-vonschloo-3 l242-loudspeaker-by-estragon-for-vonschloo-4 l242-loudspeaker-by-estragon-for-vonschloo-5

all images courtesy of estragon