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BIANCOEBIANCA Uses Graphic Patterns To Create A Dream-Like Interior With A Retro Touch

La Grecu, Timisoara, Romania / BIANCOEBIANCA

Raul Jichici

The design of La Grecu was a challenge for BIANCOEBIANCA studio according to the circumstances and problems everyone is facing in this period of time and crisis. Hospitality and restaurant design is changing dramatically, design being more important than ever, which is the case of this small food court situated in the Timisoara, Romania. Its neighborhood is surrounded by residential buildings and offices from the most relevant architects being a mix of Baroque and Art-Nouveau styles.

The shopping center at which you can find La Grecu, is being developed for multi-purposes and integrates a supermarket, stores and other restaurants. The colors softly vibrate in a dream-like interior with a retro touch. For the design the briefing was simple. A space that transmitted the Mediterranean culture with a twist. Geometrical design and color pop inspired by the street food kiosks.

 La Grecu, Timisoara, Romania / BIANCOEBIANCA

Due to this, since the beginning, BIANCOEBIANCA decided to use tiles with an artisan aspect, besides a range of elements like arcs, rattan and bold lines that create the mood of the space.

The designers, who often experiment with vibrant colors in their interior projects, added touches of greens, blues and orange throughout the interior. The designers say that now is more important than ever to use color in order to attract customers, to create a fun interior rather than classic and “Cliche”.

 La Grecu, Timisoara, Romania / BIANCOEBIANCA

Starting from this point, the design seeks to take advantage of the space and use the wall on the left side. The studio used the concept of “asymmetrical grid” and play with small colorful tiles, rattan, wood framing and pop of paint to create a statement.

The suspended arc creates a mirror reflection of this wall in the interior. The bold lines continue the pattern. A neon sign-famous Romanian phrase for people who are hungry, which says “save your appetite” is breaking the concept of grid by communicating indirectly with the potential customers.

“The design of La Grecu tells a story from left to right,” explains the design team. “Fun phrases are making the identity of the restaurant even stronger.”

 La Grecu, Timisoara, Romania / BIANCOEBIANCA

The use of neon light became a signature of BIANCOEBIANCA more like a manifesto towards 50s Americans dinner places. Furthermore, there is a 5-meters long counter where the frame continues its pattern.

The designers were inspired by old butcher places when they came up with the concept of giving life to the backspace as well. By creating a graphical builtin table with a backslash for the employees to bring the hot plates on, easy to clean & maintain.

 La Grecu, Timisoara, Romania / BIANCOEBIANCA

The bespoken door connects the space with the kitchen, by combing Mediterranean materials like rattan and connecting these two spaces.

Like all their other projects the studio recreated the branding & corporate identity of this restaurant. The logo is clean, bold and simple, and the takeaway package is essential. Using only recycling material. “If us designers are not aware of the environment …who will ?” states the studio.