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Labodet Store Tips on Choosing the Best Case for iPhone

Does it have any sense to buy an expensive and high-quality phone and then fit this beauty into a cheap silicone case? This is sometimes asked by iPhone owners. And then, they just carry their phones without a case. Of course, Apple made sure that its gadgets not only work great and look fantastic. Among other things, holding an iPhone in your hands is a special kind of pleasure. And although Apple gadgets are beautiful without a case, for the safety of iPhones, this method of devices’ use can’t be called safe. Therefore, the Labodet store has collected TOP-3 tips for choosing the perfect case for your iPhone.

Tips from the Labodet store on choosing the best luxury iPhone cases will help you find the perfect one, which is pleasant to use yourself or give to the person you love. Such a gift will not go unnoticed if you choose it according to all the rules.


The cover is obliged to highlight all the advantages of the original Apple design and, at the same time, serve as a striking accessory worthy of its owner. If we consider this point on the example of the assortment of the Labodet store, it becomes obvious that any of the options offered in the collection is great.

The thing is that Labodet cases have an original soft texture, which is different for each individual case model. The case that you hold in your hand is a thing that exists in a single copy. There is no similar sample. In addition, it is possible to make a custom case.

Over time, the cover acquires original abrasions, micro-folds, marks, patina. But this only adds to its charm.

 Labodet Store Tips on Choosing the Best Case for iPhone


Silicone is clearly not suitable for iPhone cover. Apple spent so much effort on creating an exquisite phone design that now, it would be sacrilegious to hide this beauty under a silicone shell.

Instead, Labodet offers products made from genuine calf, python, alligator, and ostrich leather. The company receives all materials from certified suppliers. They are subject to special requirements regarding the rationality and environmental friendliness of the use of natural resources.

If practical and functional elements are added to the case (cardholder or hand strap, for example), they are attached to the base with neat stitching to match the case. All metal items are handcrafted, hand-polished, and then plated with steel, black PVD, or 18K gold.

Additional Options

A good phone case is the sum of three criteria:

  • Impeccable appearance
  • Practical qualities that allow the case to reliably protect the phone from falling, broken glass, deformation of the case, hypothermia when it is cold outside, scuffs, chips, and other mechanical damages
  • The ability to use all phone options without restrictions and obstacles

This is the reason why the French workshop Labodet makes cases that allow you to charge your iPhone wirelessly. Each model has neat cutouts for the camera, speakers, microphone, charging connector. They fit millimeter to millimeter with the corresponding elements of the phone. This ensures a precise fit of the case and the full functionality of your phone.

Please pay attention to which iPhone model the case you want is designed for. Cases are presented in different designs: with a strap, in the form of a wallet, laconic models, etc. However, there are no universal options. You need to choose a model that is designed specifically for your iPhone model. 

The color palette is something that you don’t need to deny yourself. There are many shades at the Labodet store. Just choose what you like. And you will enjoy your new stylish case as long as the phone itself.