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Benjamin Hubert’s Layer Studio Designs Modular Furniture For Cats

Benjamin Hubert's Layer Studio Designs Modular Furniture For Cats

Layer Design

Benjamin Hubert’s design agency Layer has teamed up with American startup Cat Person to design a collection of modular furniture for cats. The Cat Person collection comprises Mesa Bowl, a modular feeding station, and Canopy Bed, an adaptable 3-in-1 cat bed. 

Studies show that around 35% of pets in the US are owned by millennials, and the majority of cat persons are found in cities. It is important for this market to have cat accessories that reflect their own style. Layer examined the unique wants and needs that inform feline behavior, collecting a number of user insights to drive the new products. The resulting collection is playful and expressive with an emphasis on inviting materials and adaptability. The sculptural, softly geometric forms and bright “mix and match” colors have been designed to fit easily into contemporary home interiors, and to be proudly displayed by cat persons in the home and on social media. 

 Benjamin Hubert's Layer Studio Designs Modular Furniture For Cats

Canopy Bed is a simple yet inspired 3-in-1 cat bed that responds to feline behaviors, while also offering opportunities for engagement from cat persons. Most cats will sleep up to 17 hours each day, with kittens and older cats napping for even longer. As such, it was important to provide a sleeping area that could adapt throughout the day. 

Based on these insights, the bed provides a warm space for the cat to retreat into. There are three options for configuration of the canopy to fit a cat’s mood – whether they want to hide away, feel protected, or lounge openly. The circular footprint of the memory foam cushion snugly accommodates the naturally curved sleeping position of a cat, and the durable felted PET material can withstand cat “kneading” and scratching behaviour. Canopy Bed is available in three different colourways: Jungle, Tundra, and Savanna. 

 Benjamin Hubert's Layer Studio Designs Modular Furniture For Cats

Mesa Bowl is a modular cat feeding station that offers a comfortable setting for cats to feed from, celebrating their uniquely feline character. The rounded bowl, made from durable non-BPA plastic, sits atop a sculptural stand, avoiding the need for cats to crouch or hunch. The shallow bowl is designed to accommodate cats’ facial profiles so they can eat without agitating their whiskers, a condition commonly known as “whisker fatigue”. The bowl and stand sit on a semi-rigid plastic placemat tray that makes it easy to clean the feeding area. The feeding station “grows” with the cat as the bowl can be used directly on the tray for a kitten or on the stand for adult cats. 

The elegant arrangement of the food bowl and stand takes its design cues from premium homewares, offering an easy-to-clean and durable product that cat persons are proud to display in their homes. Mesa Bowl is available in three colourways: Jungle, Tundra, and Savanna. 

 Benjamin Hubert's Layer Studio Designs Modular Furniture For Cats

“With Cat Person, we saw an opportunity to disrupt a market underserved by good design with a collection of products to connect with a new generation of cat owners,” explains Benjamin Hubert, founder of Layer. “The collection is based on extensive research into cat and cat owner behaviours to find new insights that have driven innovative features. The resulting collection not only meets the specific needs of domestic cats, but also seamlessly integrates into the home life of owners and offers an opportunity for them to celebrate their feline friends.”