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Leaving Home: Your Key Considerations As A Young Person

Leaving Home: Your Key Considerations As A Young Person

Some people find it easier than others but on the most part, leaving home is something that is part and parcel of life.

Nowadays, young people usually do it when they leave home for higher education – or at least when they have been in the world of work for a couple of years.

Of course, while it is common, the process is becoming later. This has been revealed by numerous official studies, which have revealed that the average age of people leaving home is increasing.

When you do take the plunge, there are several considerations to keep in mind though. Through today’s post, we will dissect some of these key issues.

Are you leaving home for the right reasons? 

This is a key question that a lot of young people ask themselves. While it’s admirable to be independent, this is a giant step. This can’t be something that you just think on a whim, and then jump straight into. You need to have thought about the process for a long-time as once you commit to a new home, it can take months before you can (legally) wrangle out of your tenancy agreement. Or, if you have bought a house, this process will obviously be longer.

What about all of your belongings? 

This is something that is largely going to depend on your personal circumstances. After all, some parents will be more than happy to house your belongings that you don’t want to take with you, and this makes your plight somewhat easier.

It’s here where we would urge you to look at prices for self storage, as this might be something that you need to consider in the interim. In some cases you will be asked to take all of your belongings and in most first houses at least, this might not be physically possible due to the space restrictions.

 Leaving Home: Your Key Considerations As A Young Person

What are the financial implications? 

In truth, this is something that you have probably mulled over time and time again. However, just to provide some clarity, it’s not just the monthly rent or mortgage payment that you need to consider. There are a whole host of other costs including utility bills, council tax and even maintenance. Granted, if you have opted to rent your property, your landlord might cover the maintenance fees but you will still be surprised at how much of your finances your own home can consume.

Will you be sharing your new home with anyone?

In some ways, an entire article could be penned on this subject. After all, if you are not used to sharing space, this is something that can turn your life upside down.

Some people will get on with their housemates perfectly and this will prove to be one of the best periods of their life. For others, it can be a nightmare.

If you’ve never shared before, with anyone other than your parents we should add, this is a key consideration. If you have to share to be able to pay for your bills, ask yourself if this is something that you really will be able to put up with. A lot of people can’t.