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Leica M-P Grip by Rolf Sachs


Multi-talented, London-based designer and artist Rolf Sachs and renowned camera brand Leica have teamed up to present the limited edition Leica M-P Grip by Rolf Sachs.

Their primary goal in designing the camera was driven by a utilitarian approach, seeking a specialist grip material that would respond to the scale of the camera with millimetre precision.


Following in-depth research into materials that have strong ‘gripping’ properties and are traditionally applied in other manufacturing industries, they decided on a red ‘ping pong’ rubber, usually used on table tennis bats. This material adds practical tactility to the camera, while simultaneously creating an entirely new haptic experience.


The Leica M-P ‘grip’ by Rolf Sachs set comes in a black case containing the camera, the lens, a Leica SF 40 flash, a thick woven black cotton shoulder strap and some unusual accessories such as a wooden toothbrush to clean the specialist rubber and a natural goat brush “Staubpinsel“ to clean the lens.


A total of 79 units will be produced and distributed in Leica stores across the globe with a hefty price tag of approximately $14,950 USD each from early November 2016.


all images courtesy of Leica