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Leica SOFORT instant camera


Leica has unveiled the latest member of its camera family: the Leica SOFORT. The versatile instant picture camera features a unique Leica design and special features, offers quick and easy access to photography and the fascination and unique experience of spontaneous photos that can be seen and shared in seconds. At the same time, Leica brings its photographic expertise and commitment to creativity, ease of handling and quality to the world of Instax instant photography. The creative scope offered by the Leica SOFORT provides opportunities to rediscover instant photography and create small, haptic works of art and lasting memories.

The Leica SOFORT differs from other instant cameras in a number of essential aspects: the unmistakeable styling and look were developed especially for the camera by the Leica design team, and a choice of colours in orange, white and mint reflect the light-hearted fun and fascination of instant photography.


In automatic mode, the Leica SOFORT takes advantage of available natural light for as long as possible without triggering the integrated flash. This results in pictures with a much more authentic and natural look. In addition to the modes Automatic, Party & People, Sport & Action, Macro and creative programmes for multiple and time exposures, the Leica Sofort also offers a mode for self-portraits and a self-timer with two different delays. To ensure best results every time, the camera automatically adapts parameters such as the exposure time and aperture to the mode the user selects.


Flash triggering can either be left entirely to the automatic flash function of the camera, or users can turn it on or off, depending on the pictures they want to take. To make things easier when shooting self-portraits, the Leica SOFORT also features a rectangular mirror on the front.

With the Leica SOFORT, the focusing distance can be set independently from the selected programme mode. Depending on the standard or long distance setting and the mode chosen, this brings even more creative freedom when shooting with the camera.


In addition to colour film, Leica also offers a monochrome film for users who feel more at home in the world of black-and-white photography. To reflect the nostalgic character of instant photography, the frames of Leica SOFORT photos are kept in a warm shade of cream. Colour and monochrome films will be offered in packs with 10 exposures and colour film will also be available in double packs for 20 pictures.

The Leica Sofort will be available from November, 2016 in a choice of three contemporary colors – orange, mint and classic white – and will retail at $299 USD.


all images courtesy of Leica