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Léo Lagrange Stadium by archi5, Toulon


Situated between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountain overlooking Toulon, the Léo Lagrange stadium by archi5 stands on a 8 ha site, limited to cover all the required functions, but with limitless views to the beautiful natural landscape of the French Riviera.


The Stadium is laid out perpendicularly to the highway to enhance the remarkable perspective by offering a side-glance to the drivers passing along and to create an urban landmark.


The sports complex is treated as a park. It’s open to the promenade for the neighborhood and dedicated to sports activities: three football/rugby pitches of national stan- dards, all the multidisciplinary athletics and six school playing fields are available to the sportsmen.


This project combines the urban uses while respecting the requirements of a high-level sports facility.
The self-cleaning fabric roof complex enables to store the rainwaters to water the fields and solar panels provide the local water heating power.

5-leo-lagrange-stadium-by-archi5-toulon1-leo-lagrange-stadium-by-archi5-toulon8-leo-lagrange-stadium-by-archi5-toulon 9-leo-lagrange-stadium-by-archi5-toulon 10-leo-lagrange-stadium-by-archi5-toulon

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