Studio Doho has developed an “Urban Surf” concept for the new Poke Poke restaurant in Shanghai. The 32 sqm project, situated on the ground floor of an old Shanghainese lane house in the Jing’an District of the city, makes a bold statement with its gradient blue façade and surfboard inspired countertops.

 Poke Poke Restaurant in Shanghai by Studio Doho

The client’s brief challenged the designers to create a modern eatery that reflects the Hawaiian origins of its food within the constraints of a small space. Limited street front facade and existing interior structural walls forced the entrance to be moved off the main street, creating a large solid wall at the main storefront. The designers responded by creating an eye-catching gradient tile wall that represents the sea meeting the sky. The mosaic wall stands out from the streetside and attracts customers to the store entrance while providing a place for local residents to gather and socialize.

 Poke Poke Restaurant in Shanghai by Studio Doho

An outdoor bar counter highlights the facade with colorful blue curved tip, reminiscent of an old wooden surfboard, to connect the concept of “Urban Surf”. The curved counter transitions into the ordering area, linking the interior and exterior space to optimize seating for customers. A red framed take-out window at the facade provides a splash of color to the facade and optimizes the small space by utilizing the outdoor area.

 Poke Poke Restaurant in Shanghai by Studio Doho

The colorful material palette was kept simple in the cozy interior, creating a relaxing café atmosphere. The designers used a combination of natural wood and grey tiles on the interior to contrast the façade an provide a backdrop for artwork and graphics provided by the client.

 Poke Poke Restaurant in Shanghai by Studio Doho Poke Poke Restaurant in Shanghai by Studio Doho

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