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Livestock Roncesvalles Store, Toronto


Livestock has opened its new flagship store in Toronto’s Roncesvalles neighbourhood. Become one of Canada’s go-to spots for sneakers and streetwear, Livestock commissioned one again Lukas Peet to design this new store utilizing the same materials and modular components seen in Livestock’s Vancouver Chinatown location.


The entrance to the store keeps the original wooden floors and bricks walls. The texture of the bricks and wood floor add some visual warmth and depth to the store, which is contrasted by the simple and clean black architectural anodized linear LED fixtures that are rhythmically spaced throughout the entire space. This even spacing seen form the street acts as a visual guide into the space, as the levels and spaces change the lighting remains the constant.


As you move from the entrance landing up one level which houses the black stained wood cash desk that allows the staff to overlook the entire store. Behind the cash desk is the first of many white metal walls, allowing for angled shelves and/or product to be magnetized and merchandized. The first of two change rooms and the staircase leading to the basement storage room, with a LED projector onto the wall above the stairs.


The third section features two free standing pillar showcases. The thin black steel frames with LED shelves sit on top of concrete blocks form floor to ceiling. Each section of the store included the universal wall mounted hanging system and incorporated power, allowing any of the apparel or footwear racks to be moved throughout the store and for their incorporated LED shelves to be illuminated. This also created the possibility of numerous merchandising opportunities. As well, each free standing floor table can be flipped into a freestanding clothing rack, adding to the modular and customizable merchandising opportunities.


The final section of the store, the ‘pop down’ space, features custom concrete slab steps that are stacked to create the glass and steel custom staircase. This area of the store is fully customizable, with many ‘Shop in Shop’ opportunities to come. The lighting for this section is a grid of LED bulbs, with each row slightly lower than the previous one, creating a sloping ceiling of light that can be seen from the front of the store.

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Livestock Roncesvalles
406 Roncesvalles Ave.
Toronto ON, M6R 2M9

all images courtesy of Livestock | H/t hypebeast