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Living Room Trends with Long-Lasting Aesthetics

modern living room with dining table

In the last couple of years, living rooms have been exactly what their name says. As always, they were places for pastime and friend gatherings. For many of us, however, living rooms also became office spaces, gyms, and more. Designers believe that since they became multidimensional spaces, living rooms deserve our special attention. 

Here is a list of trends that will make the most out of your central living space in 2022. As usual, some of them contrast others, to adjust to many tastes. 

Uncluttered and nature-inspired spaces

As a humanity, we are currently preoccupied with health. According to designers, the space around us should be arranged to follow the same logic of wellbeing.

That means all objects in a living room should serve our feeling of safety and calmness in some way. If something has nowhere else to rest, it should rather be in storage space, than in a living room. The living room should be able to breathe. It should be full of light, plants, and natural materials.

Only a living room devoid of unneccessary details will be customizeable enough to support the diversity of activities taking place in it.

Furniture with soft and curved contours

Curved lines are more organic, and invoke feelings of nature’s fluidity and spontaneity. Objects with assymetrical details, covers with curvy prints, furniture with wavy handrests – these are all ideas to step away from industrial and mid-century modern edgy profiles.

Wavy lines are associated with Feminine energy and are therefore perfect for living spaces inspired by Femininity or inhabited by women.

Another reason designers suggest curvy lines is because they break negative mood cycles and have a calming effect.

Blurred boundaries between the indoors and the outdoors

After lengthy lockdowns, we were craving for the outside. In order to bring it closer, designers recommend large living room windows. In such a way, we will be able to stay in contact with the outside world even when our conscious focus is on our TVs or laptops.

Except for windows, a large or else glass living door is another way to let the sunlight in. The ability to air the living room well and open it widely towards a garden or balcony seems to add a lot of character to this space.

 Living room with central sofa and art wall

Vintage is here to stay

The vintage design has flooded the interior design and fashion industry, and it will stay with us in the following year as well. It feeds on our post-modern nostalgia for the past, but also offers a solution to environmental concerns. It re-uses the old furniture, with a philosophy that seeks to reduce waste and goes against overconsumption.

Another social factor that brings this trend to the front is the long delivery time for new furniture. Due to accelerated eCommerce development, carriers are overwhelmed and delivery can take longer than homeowners can wait. 

For all these reasons, furniture recycling is becoming less of a necessity, and more of a lifestyle in 2022.

Animal details and prints

Here is a trend that opposes to calming and reserved tendencies. Contrary to nurturing side of nature, animal prints invoke its wilderness and vitality into our homes. It is also opposing classic design with its focus on exotic cultures and 

This trend is of course not new either, however, we have a chance to elaborate it once more, in accordance with our social surroundings.

Zebra print is one of the most popular in the market, but not the only one. Apart from leopard and cheetahs, cow prints are also gaining attention.

Colors: green, red, white, and earthy

In the prevailing nature-inspired trends, olive green is the dominant color. The reason for this is not only because green reminds of vegetation. Green is in the middle of our visible spectrum and is very restful for eyes tired of LCD screens.

On the other hand, the red color brings glamour and refinement. White is for those living rooms that seek an atmosphere of calm and clarity.

Earthy tones are favorites among Scandinavian designers. They predict sandy and warming hues are enough to make people relaxed and cozy.

Finally, spotty and colorful details also contribute to the cozy effect.


This is another trend that came into being due to external necessity. If waiting for new furniture takes too long, another way to refresh old pieces of furniture is with reupholstery. Natural materials such as wool, linen, and silk are particularly popular.

Also, it is a much more affordable solution in the case of projects with limited resources.

Freedom to Decorate

If you’re renting a small apartment without the freedom or space to make real change, then living room design tips may feel frustrating. So, this could be the right time to think about owning a home. You can qualify for financing more easily than you might imagine with a government-backed FHA loan. It’s well worth your time to check it out because your own home can become your unique design creation — an expression of your style, made to suit your life perfectly!


We hope this article inspired you to think ahead when you find investment properties, to redecorate and bring life to your new home.

Although most of these trends seek to bring comfort and wellbeing to the living rooms in 2022, there are opposite tendencies as well. The latter are focused on wild vitality and glamour. As always, the choice will depend on particular preferences and space characteristics.