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Llama Restaurante Sudamericano by KILO + BIG, Copenhagen


Copenhagen restaurant group Cofoco has teamed up with some of the city’s most creative forces — KILO founder Lars Larsen (Kilo) creative advisor Jonas Hartz (Hz), BIG partners Jakob Lange and Bjarke Ingels (BIG architects) — to create the new restaurant Llama – Restaurante Sudamericano.


Llama is among the first restaurants in the region to draw on the flavors of the South American continent. Inspired by Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, and, moving a bit to the north, Mexico, the menu features ceviches, anticuchos, Uruguayan-style meats, tacos, and a list of South American spirits. But Llama is without question rooted in the Nordic region and aims to thoughtfully and sensibly marry the South American inspiration with Scandinavian products and recipes.


For years, the space that is now Llama was a dark, impersonal basement. Designers Larsen and Lange have created an open space generously connected to the city. The walls and floors are lined with handcrafted Mexican cement tiles, melding iconic design influences from Latin America with Copenhagen cool.


The interior design carries a number of main drivers — colorful tiles, black furniture, a vibrant green wall, and brass light fixtures — that together create a spatial configuration conducive to linked experiences throughout the restaurant.

The Interior plan is optimized for seating 180 people two times a night. There are three different dining spaces, with the bar as the venue’s beating heart.

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