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Loper, Shoes Hand Assembled without Glue


Japanese footwear designer Roderick Pieters and fashion brand Proef have teamed up to design pairs of shoes that are tied together by using a durable nylon rope instead of using glue. 

Shoe factories are generally unhealthy workplaces; a main reason being that shoe production often involves large quantities of toxic glue. It is nearly impossible to avoid inhaling glue vapors when making shoes, even in factories with good extraction systems.


“We want to make production safer and reduce the impact on workers and the environment,”explains Roderick Pieters. “Our Loper glueless rope construction system eliminates the need for glue during assembly. A minimal amount of glue is involved at pre-production, significantly reducing worker exposure to toxic vapors.”


The rope construction system includes a strong nylon rope with an integrated ‘needle’ and a purpose-engineered moulded rubber sole prepped with 44 holes, 2 start-points and an integrated stopper.

The upper is cut into different shapes to create two unisex styles, called the Macalon and the Derby. The rubber soles come in different colours, white and yellow, while the leather is available in black or white. As the shoes can be reassembled by the owner, they can also mix-and-match combinations to create a custom style.

To learn more or to buy a pair, check out Loper’s ongoing Kickstarter campaign here.


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all images courtesy of Proef | video courtesy of Kickstarter