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LUMO Arkitekter Installs Blue Landmark Shelters in the South Fyn Archipelago

LUMO Arkitekter

Along the South coast from West of Faaborg to the Northeast of Svendborg, around Langeland and on the islands of Skarø, Drejø, Birkholm and Ærø, it is now possible to enjoy nature and the great outdoors through a series of exclusively designed shelters.

The project’s 19 unique locations are located along the coasts in the South Fyn Archipelago. Each location is carefully selected according to the Outdoor Strategy for the Archipelago and spread over the 4 municipalities of South Fyn, Langeland, Ærø, Svendborg and Faaborg-Midtfyn. The Blue landmarks are built with waivers from the coastal protection zone in close dialogue with the Danish Nature Agency, Ministry of Environment.


The Blue landmarks are designed by LUMO Arkitekter to strengthen the South Fyn Archipelago profile as an area dedicated to active and varied outdoor life – achieved by creating a series of multifunctional facilities on the beach or in close proximity to the coast. The location of each shelter has been carefully selected and adapted to the surroundings, in order for it to be perceived as a precise and iconic landmark that does not distort or interfere with the site’s particular qualities and landscape.


The 19 Blue landmarks are located quite close to the coast to accommodate both visitors coming from the seaside as well as those who are on their way out into the waves. The landmarks support activities all year round, helping to channel traffic and to bypass the vulnerable natural areas and at the same time, they function as active starting points for kayakers, anglers, boaters, divers and underwater hunters, surfers and your everyday outdoor recreation.


Each site consists of either an individual shelter or a smaller group of various shelters – a total of 50 shelters, which alone or in combination reinforce the experience of and close proximity to the coastal areas. The overall architectural concept has been to create 5 different building types with great variation in both size and function and at the same time maintaining a clear continuous and spatial relationship between them. The inspiration for the design of the various shelter types originates from the old-fashioned livewell, where the fishermen stored their catch – and from that same source came the idea for the 5 shelter type names: Monkfish – with its 3 levels and integrated bird-watching platform.


The Garfish – a 6-7 person overnight shelter that doubles as picnic space for school classes. Lumpfish – a 3-5 person overnight shelter with stay and sauna space. The Flounder — a 2 person overnight shelter. And finally the Eelpout – which functions as the lavatory. The five unique design types are thought to be combinatory and complement each other in various ways – thus creating the landmarks’ versatile possibilities and recognizable framework and space for an active outdoor life.


The shelters appear as asymmetrical bodies with angled lines and are covered with large wood chips treated with black-pigmented wood tar oil. Round shaped openings ensure the look-out to the surrounding nature and the sky. The lunar orbit across the night sky and the ever-changing weather and nature can be observed through the round openings in the shelters’ bodies. The angular and tactile contour allows a rich variety in the shelter design and adds a natural functional flexibility that accommodates everything from an eventful day in harmony with nature to an exceptional night under the stars.

 lumo-arkitekter-installs-blue-landmark-shelters-in-the-south-fyn-archipelago-7 lumo-arkitekter-installs-blue-landmark-shelters-in-the-south-fyn-archipelago-8 lumo-arkitekter-installs-blue-landmark-shelters-in-the-south-fyn-archipelago-9 lumo-arkitekter-installs-blue-landmark-shelters-in-the-south-fyn-archipelago-10 lumo-arkitekter-installs-blue-landmark-shelters-in-the-south-fyn-archipelago-11 lumo-arkitekter-installs-blue-landmark-shelters-in-the-south-fyn-archipelago-12 lumo-arkitekter-installs-blue-landmark-shelters-in-the-south-fyn-archipelago-13 lumo-arkitekter-installs-blue-landmark-shelters-in-the-south-fyn-archipelago-14

all images courtesy of LUMO Arkitekter