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Main Things Holding Founders Back from Building and their Apps

Main Things Holding Founders Back from Building and their Apps

Daniel Korpai on Unsplash|Daniel Korpai on Unsplash

In the given article, we are going to discuss: what are the reasons and the things that are keeping the developers and the founders away from building and launching their apps. The majority of founders don’t give up their efforts as well as remain steadfast and launch their apps.

But a lot of founders are still getting back from launching their apps due to some specific reasons. People think the reason behind this problem can be technical skills, the partnership of funding, etc but it’s not true.

The reason behind why founders get back from launching their apps revolves around the two main things. And these two things are perfectionism and procrastination. There may be some other reasons that are keeping founders away from their success.

The first thing that a person must have to make sure of while launching or developing an app is perfectionism. Although planning and perfection play a great role in the development of a business.

The other reason that puts the business at a great loss is procrastination, which means delaying tasks again and again till last time. If a founder keeps his task delayed until the deadline then there is no chance for him to gain progress.

In this situation, no-code development proves to be very helpful for the developers. No code development has such platforms that help users to overcome the above problems. So let’s have a look at the other things that are holding developers back from launching and building their apps.

 Main Things Holding Founders Back from Building and their Apps

Utilizing all efforts

The main reason why the developers are getting back from launching their app is the effort that they have to put while bringing out their apps. When the founder decides to launch his app then he must make sure that he must have some kind of IT involvement in his work. Having IT involvement and IT experts is initial while business.

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This problem is overcome by the No-code development system. Any person now doesn’t need to make sure of the IT involvement while developing apps just because of no-code development. Moreover, the efforts will also consume less time while developing apps because of the no-code development approach.

Security issues

The main reason why most of the founders don’t move forward to launch their app is the security issue. The main and initial step of enhancing the business is the protection and security of data for developing apps. There must be some kind of security method to keep unauthorized access away from the data or organization.

No code development provides such platforms that ensure the protection and the security of data and provide support in physical access levels as well as application and network levels. Hence, the data for launching purposes remain safe from unauthorized access.

High development cost

The traditional method needs a lot of resources and costs involved in the production of apps. This holds the developers back with a minimal budget.


Certain factors are working together and pushing back the founder from bringing out his app. All the main factors that are becoming the cause of the avoidance of founders toward building their apps are discussed above. No code development is providing a great interface to users to overcome all these problems and provide founders a platform for launching their apps.