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Make the Best of the Warm Weather with a Sunroom

Kitchen connected to sunroom

The joy of summertime in Calgary is twofold: firstly, it’s the chance to relax outside with friends soaking up some vitamin D, while secondly, it’s also some much welcome relief from the cold of winter and the winds of spring. It makes sense, therefore, that many Calgary residents look forward to summer and have plans to spend as much time outside as possible. However, as everyone who lives in the city knows, summer in Calgary also means bugs and storms, potentially ruining their outside time. This is where a Desert Sun Patios Sunroom comes into its own as a way of making the best of the warm weather.

What is a sunroom?

For many homeowners with a sunroom, they’ll think about it as their little slice of luxury. A sunroom is a small addition to your home (typically 15 square meters or less) that sits out in your backyard. It can be built on top of an existing deck or patio or straight onto dug foundations in the ground and attaches directly to your home. You can pick either a three-season room which isn’t heated but uses the natural insulation and heat-trapping of the big windows from spring to fall, or a four-season sunroom that connects to your home’s HVAC system to keep you warm all year round.

 Stained glass window with seating in a sun room

Using your sunroom in summer

With the big windows offering views in the garden and the ability to close the doors on the bugs and heat, it’s easy to quickly escape into your sunroom during the summer months for some tranquility and respite. If you need further inspiration to make the best of the warm weather with a sunroom, try some of these ideas:

  • Breakfast with a view – start your day peacefully by setting up a one person table at the window with your favorite view. Let it be known that no one may come into the sunroom while you’re eating and consider having some relaxing music playing to get your day off to a great start. 
  • Siesta set up – the warm summer weather can be energy sapping at times, and it can be easy to understand why countries with hot summers often build in a siesta after lunch during the heat of the day. Set up your sunroom to be the home for your entire family during siesta time with long couches and a ceiling fan to circulate cool air as everyone relaxes. 
  • Long evening lounging – the summer days turn into long, warm evenings, but the bugs will quickly drive you inside. Plan for this by installing mesh screens on your windows, meaning you can open them up and enjoy the warm breeze and sounds of the night without the smell of citronella or the buzz of bloodsucking insects.

Sunrooms are among the cheapest home extensions available, and if you don’t need foundations, you can complete the project in just a couple of months from planning to sitting in your new space enjoying the warm Calgary weather.