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Making a Catchy Facebook Page Design

Making a Catchy Facebook Page Design

In this article, we are going to talk about how to make a Facebook page to attract customers because creating a beautiful design is vital for all business pages. In the year 2019, there are more than 100 million companies registered on Facebook. How can an entrepreneur stand out among so many competitors?

You can create quality content and run ads. But there is something that is done for free and without much effort. And that will immediately attract the attention of customers. We are talking about a catchy page design

Facebook page design as it is

Let’s understand what the design of the Facebook profile consists of and how it will help your business. The first thing a person looks at when they hit a business page is its overall look. The profile photo, the cover, and how the posts are designed – all this makes an impression about the company in less than 1 minute. Beautiful design catches at first sight. And now the user presses “like” on your page instead of closing and forgetting about it.

Standing out among competitors

Although any regular user spends an average of 35 minutes a day on Facebook, company posts rarely get their attention. But business pages are becoming more and more widespread every day (keep those 100 million in mind). An interesting and memorable design – this is your chance not only to once attract the attention of a potential client but also to permanently separate yourself from others. Every company or platform now has social network pages, including dating services, for example, VavaBrides.com. Want a user to look forward to your content in the feed? Then think about your concept and how to translate it through colors and forms.

Increasing the feedback

If the page already has a stable audience, new design elements will improve interaction with subscribers and turn them into customers. For example, place a call to action on a profile cover, show a new product, or announce an event + put a link in the description that will be visible when clicked. And enjoy new customer base striving to buy your products.

 Making a Catchy Facebook Page Design

Broadcasting the brand

Facebook page is a continuation of the brand in social networks, so its style should be as close as possible to what the client sees on the site. Make sure your brand remains recognizable in social networks. To do this, use the current logo, corporate colors, fonts, and the photos of main people to the company. So you will increase brand awareness and expand your audience. Do it on every platform to make a brand and broadcast the integral image to the crowds.

How to start designing a Facebook page?

So, you are promoting a business page and decided to design it. First of all, we recommend paying attention to the profile photo, or avatar. Along with the cover, it is the first thing that users see when they open the company’s page. And in the main feed, the avatar is displayed next to all posts.

The main photo should be understandable and recognizable. The profile photo in conjunction with the name of the company explains who you are + attracts attention and catches the eye of customers when they scroll through the feed. For maximizing the wow-effect, brand pages, as a rule, choose a logo or another corporate element on a plain background. That is the reason you have come up with the brand design – to use it as much as possible, right? Facebook page is a perfect place to integrate all of your company’s main attributes.

Qualitative. An avatar is displayed on a PC in the size of 170×170 px, on smartphones – 128×128 px. You can upload a larger image so that when the users click on it, they will be able to see more details. But keep the proportions; otherwise, Facebook will simply cut off the excess to make a square.

Important! The profile photo is not displayed as a square in the feed of users, it will be seen as a circle, so make sure that the necessary elements are not lost in the cropped format.

How to create a cover for Facebook: basic principles

The profile cover at the top of the page takes up a third of the screen (or even half, depending on the device). It is the cover that catches users’ gaze when they open the profile. In order for the background to work on the overall effectiveness of the page, it must first be visually attractive:

1) bright and memorable;

2) harmonious and matching the profile photo;

3) in the corporate style of the brand.

The cover is the face of the page, so choose high-quality photos for it. Facebook recommends using PNG images.

To make the background look good on high-resolution screens, upload images larger than 820 × 312 px. In any case, pay attention to the proportions and make sure that nothing is cut off on the desktop and mobile versions.