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Map Rethinks The Spork for Fortnum & Mason


First spotted in the Fortnum & Mason’s 1914 Christmas catalogue, the spork – a combined knife, fork and spoon – was originally designed for army officers during the First World War. Today, london-based industrial design practice map has teamed up with renowned English department store Fortnum & Mason to launch a contemporary reinterpretation of this item.

One of the challenges of providing three functions in a single item of cutlery is that the design is inherently a compromise. To reduce the level of compromise, map design team decided to remove one ergonomic restriction, making unique left and right-handed versions of the Tritensil. The asymmetric design is recognisable and unique and suggestive of Fortnum’s reputation for perfection.

Creatives conceived a design that can be realised in metal or plastic. The plastic version is used in cafes as a takeaway plastic item in signature Eau de nil self coloured bio-plastic. The stainless steel version is offered as a picnic accessory.

 map-rethinks-the-spork-for-fortnum-mason-2 map-rethinks-the-spork-for-fortnum-mason-3 map-rethinks-the-spork-for-fortnum-mason-4 map-rethinks-the-spork-for-fortnum-mason-5 map-rethinks-the-spork-for-fortnum-mason-6 map-rethinks-the-spork-for-fortnum-mason-7

all images courtesy of map