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Marker-Shoes by Nendo for “by | n meister”


Renowned Japanese studio Nendo has conceived a leather shoe collection featuring patterns drawn directly onto calfskin with markers.  Unlike dye or paint, the soft, fine calfskin absorbs the marker ink in moderation, for a finish as transparent and limpid as watercolour, a distinctive look made possible by combining the natural texture of calfskin with artificial marker colour. The shoes come in three designs each for mens and ladies, and three colours for each design.

The Marker-Shoes are sold exclusively at Seibu department stores in Japan.

 2-marker-shoes-by-nendo-for-by-n-meister 3-marker-shoes-by-nendo-for-by-n-meister 4-marker-shoes-by-nendo-for-by-n-meister 5-marker-shoes-by-nendo-for-by-n-meister 6-marker-shoes-by-nendo-for-by-n-meister 7-marker-shoes-by-nendo-for-by-n-meister 8-marker-shoes-by-nendo-for-by-n-meister 9-marker-shoes-by-nendo-for-by-n-meister 10-marker-shoes-by-nendo-for-by-n-meister 11-marker-shoes-by-nendo-for-by-n-meister

all images ©  AYAO YAMAZAKI