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Marni Ballhaus


Marni Ballhaus has been the setting for Italian fashion house Marni to showcase  their new furniture collection made of metal, hand woven wood and PVC wire, influenced by Colombian culture during Milan Design Week 2016. Marni Ballhaus sees the traditional full circular skirts worn by cumbia dancers and the knotted scarves worn by the men reinterpreted and reproduced in iconic Marni fabrics. Curated by choreographer Susanna Beltrami, the Marni Ballhaus has been accompanied by live performances of voice and percussion arranged to highlight the African roots of the dance combining songs in Spanish to contemporary sounds.

The limited edition collection have been made in Colombia by a group of women who have gained independence and freedom through work. The skirts created with the iconic Marni tissues are on sale now exclusively at Marni.com.

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all images courtesy of Marni