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Martens & Visser’s Bubbles installation at DDW

Boudewijn Bollman

At the 2016 Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, Jetske Visser and Michiel Martens created Reflecting Holon, an immersive installation with revolving bubbles that play with the physics of colour, light and reflection.

The kinetic installation investigates the refracting and reflecting of light and color, understanding that we surround ourselves with products that are mostly static while in nature everything always moves. The Holons capture light and glow, and by putting the objects in motion, the material appears to melt into a liquid whole.

A Holon might best be described as a soap bubble you don’t have to blow yourself. Razor-thin iridescent strips attached to a rotating axis create the illusion of a spherical form that breaks and disperses the surrounding light just like a soap bubble would: revealing all the colours of the rainbow. But where soap bubbles tend to burst after a brief flight, the Holons are driven by simple electro-motors that sustain them without effort.

Discovered accidentally during experiments with reflecting materials, the Holons interweave a childlike fascination with aesthetic exaltation.

 martens-vissers-bubbles-installation-ddw-2 martens-vissers-bubbles-installation-ddw-3 martens-vissers-bubbles-installation-ddw-4 martens-vissers-bubbles-installation-ddw-5

all images by Boudewijn Bollman | courtesy of Dutch Design Week