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Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code

To celebrate the opening of their new Product Engineering Centre in Beijing, Mercedes-Benz has unveiled a sports utility coupé for the future: the Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code. Under the direction of the main office in Sindelfingen, the advanced design studio within the Daimler Product Engineering Center in Beijing created a technology-focused SUC with coupé-like side lines and dynamically flowing greenhouse.


Furthermore, compact dimensions, extensive assistance and camera systems as well as the variable plug-in hybrid drive system with long electric operating range make the SUC ideal for traffic in Asia’s mega-cities. The Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code uses multi-voltaic silver paint that transforms its body into one continuous solar panel. At the same time, the electronic all-wheel drive technology with “digital prop shaft” ensures a particularly sporty and energy-efficient set-up both on and off the road.


The 2+2-seater SUC measures about 4.10 metres in length and has counter-opening doors. It captivates with a coupé-like profile, muscular wheel arches and a continuous greenhouse without visible A-pillars. This continuous glass area – similar to the cockpit glazing of a powerboat – lends the G-Code, which is about 1.90 metres wide and only about 1.50 metres tall, a coherent horizontal arrangement and a resounding forward thrust even while at a standstill.

In addition to the striking “muscles” that span from the headlamps to the rear and lend the side a purist and flowing line, the 21-inch aluminium wheels with delicate carbon-fibre spokes catch the eye in the side view.


In place of a conventional louvred grille, the central trademark star and the two chrome louvres in the radiator are surrounded by a continuous display. The engine is cooled by means of innovative air deflection via apertures in the side and at the bottom of the front. The inspired display visualises the current operating mode of the G-Code with a complex and multi-layered star matrix, similar to what we saw recently on Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025.

When the G-Code is parked, it signals the current rest mode with a softly pulsating blue light. In all-electric HYBRID eDrive mode, the digital miniature stars in the radiator grille light up in blue and seem to move from the edge of the display towards the centre. It creates the visual impression of an imaginary permanently opening tunnel in the vehicle front. In the mixed HYBRID eco mode, the direction of movement of the miniature stars remains the same, but the colour changes to a purple hue. In HYBRID sport mode on the other hand, the colour changes to a vivid red and the direction of movement of the miniature stars is reversed. Now it creates the impression of the G-Code permanently transporting imaginary energy to the outside.


The interior visualises the designers’ idea of combining the practical talents of an SUV with the emotional appeal of a sports car. The interior specialists deliberately let digital and analogue worlds collide. This combination of classic elements and state-of-the-art high tech stimulates the senses and provides the occupants of the G-Code with an even more authentic experience.


all images courtesy of MERCEDES-BENZ