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Mercedes-Benz Vision Van with Delivery Drones


The new Mercedes-Benz Vision Van  is a revolutionary van study for the urban environment, set to change the process of delivery. As an integrated system, the vehicle merges a number of innovative technologies for last-mile delivery operations and thus sets the standard of performance requirements and solutions for future generations of vans.


It starts with the very picking of the charge. Each package is automatically loaded (based on a pre-optimal delivery route) in a load module, then the module is introduced as a whole into the loading area of the Vision Van. At the destination, the respective packet is again automatically unloaded for delivery. In parallel, the system supplies two electrically powered drones with a payload of two kilograms – fully autonomous on a radius of ten kilometers. Of course, the whole process is managed and monitored by a cloud system or a remote operator. Deliveries will be faster and more efficient.


Powered by a 75 kW electric drive system with a range of up to 270 km, deliveries with the Vision Van are locally emission-free. The electric drive system additionally guarantees that it will remain possible to operate the Vision Van in inner-city zones where the introduction of bans on vehicles with internal combustion engines is planned. The virtually silent electric drive system facilitates late deliveries in residential areas for the purposes of same-day delivery.

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ve63xdzc3hg mercedes-benz-vision-van-with-delivery-drones-4 mercedes-benz-vision-van-with-delivery-drones-5 mercedes-benz-vision-van-with-delivery-drones-6 mercedes-benz-vision-van-with-delivery-drones-7

all images courtesy of Mercedes-Benz