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Meteorite Shoes by Studio Swine

By using Aluminum foam, London-based Studio Swine designed this high heels that seem to come from space. Inspired by the recent landing of the Philae lander module on Comet 67P / Churyumov–Gerasimenko, Studio Swine explored comets and meteorites that have fallen to earth. Their research led them to visit the vaults under the Natural History Museum to be shown what is considered the best meteorite collection in the world.


The Meteorite Shoes take the form of rocks that have fallen from space, 3D scanning along with CNC milling has been combined with traditional shoe making to transform the meteorite shapes into a pair of high heels. The exterior is made of aluminum foam and the interior is lined with soft Italian leather. The foam is 90% air, lightweight and efficient at creating volume with very little material which enabled them to create the feeling of large rocks floating in space.


Aluminium foam is currently hidden inside high-end cars and buildings as sound insulation. Whilst the metal is in a molten state, gassing agents are injected creating a pumice like material full of thousands of irregular cells. It’s an example of how industry and natural forces can merge to create a beautiful material.

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all images courtesy of STUDIO SWINE