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Middletown Café, Prahran, Australia

Peter Clarke

Melbourne-based interior architecture practice Studio Tate has teamed up with branding agency Pop & Pac to design this new Pranran café inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. “Kate was our muse,” explains lead designer Alex, “we used her persona as a reference point to interpret elements of the space and ensure they all worked harmoniously.”

The result is a truly holistic experience that impresses from the initial ‘wow’ factor down to the subtlest details. The interior décor forgoes the classic Melbourne café uniform of pale plywood surfaces and raw white washed walls for something that maintains a modern feel but is somewhat more refined and elegant.


As you first enter the light-filled café you are lead up a walk way and met with the jewel in the crown, a custom made terrazzo top table featuring subtle brass trim detail. Above it hangs feature pendants from Spain, some of the the first in Australia.

Luxurious materials are used subtly throughout the décor with hints of marble, brass trims and terrazzo tiles complimenting the bold navy blue colour pallet. A variety of seating options accommodate large celebratory groups to more intimate get togethers, while a dedicated custom marble Brew Bar seats the more discerning coffee connoisseurs.

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