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Miguel Chevalier’s Pixels Wave Light 2017 Installation at Forum des Halles, Paris

Miguel Chevalier Pixels Wave Light 2017

Miguel Chevalier

The Forum des Halles in Paris presents Miguel Chevalier‘s new perennial artwork Pixels Wave Light 2017, installed on level -2 under the new canopy designed by the architect Patrick Berger. Pixels Wave Light 2017 takes place within a 12-windowed corridor, 105 ft long and 9.84ft high, and includes light and movement, transforming the space of the Forum into a dynamic, magical and contemporary space.

 Miguel Chevalier Pixels Wave Light 2017

Twelve “multicolored graphic scenes” follow one after each other every 15 minutes. Different luminous, colorful and graphic choreographies are generated in real time on 50,000 LEDs, controlled by a computer program developed especially for this work.

The graphic universes constantly swirl through different visual fields and give contrasting dynamics: spirals, waves, geometric lines, gentle and rapid pulsations. The luminous lines and spots confront each other and get lost in the infinite. A graphic clock announces each hour of the day.

 Miguel Chevalier Pixels Wave Light 2017

The creation plays on a combination of different elements and materials. The 50,000 LEDs are driven individually and their color and intensity scatters through polycarbonate and translucent Dacryl panels (synthetic glass – polymethyl methacrylate), engraved with distorting magnifying glasses custom made for this artwork.

 Miguel Chevalier Pixels Wave Light 2017

The juxtaposition of these different materials creates kinetic effects and stunning visual experiences. Up close, the magnifying glasses in the Dacryl amplifies the visual effects, creating “moiré pattern”, distortions and compressions. Forms undulate like a giant kaleidoscope. It creates a new poetic of material by elaborating an aesthetic of light at its purest state and in various combinations.

Pixels Wave Light 2017 creates an energetic world of metaphoric images representing the flux of people that gives life to the forum.

The French artist has recently unveiled an exclusive multi sensory installation, titled ‘IN/OUT – Artificial Paradises’, for the park in Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire.

  Miguel Chevalier Pixels Wave Light 2017 Miguel Chevalier Pixels Wave Light 2017 Miguel Chevalier Pixels Wave Light 2017

all images and video courtesy of Miguel Chevalier