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Miguel Chevalier’s VR Installation for Art Brussels 2016

Miguel Chevalier

On the occasion of Art Brussels 2016, Miguel Chevalier imagines for the second time, a site specific generative virtual-reality installation, Complex Meshes, displayed across 8 panels on the ceiling of a private loft in Brussels, Belgium.

A mesh is a three-dimensional object consisting of vertices, edges and faces which form polygons, used in 3D modeling or architecture. For this piece, the use of numerous wireframe meshes becomes an aesthetic in itself. Different colored weaving patterns composed of polygons overlap, evolve and transform slowly in real time. This huge virtual light curtain twists, moves and resizes to create diverse and complex shapes. The surface is deformed to generate the abstract landscapes of a living universe which is constantly evolving.


These vivid colour grids create surprising “trompe l’oeil” effects which disrupt our perception by creating the sensation of moving reliefsThese light frescos evolve during the night as “Complex Meshes” highlights the architecture of the loft through light and gives the building life before our eyes. 


“Complex Meshes” creates a magical atmosphere. It’s pixel skin becomes one with the 8 panels on the ceiling and gives off a radiant energy. Visitors are invited to sit on the sofas and raise their eyes to the ceiling. They are offered a kaleidoscopic experience which symbolizes the infinity of Nature and Creation and which transforms the ceiling into a universe of constellations.

This poetic installation invites us to dream as it reflects the invisible (flows and networks) and shows us the very essence of things.

miguel-chevaliers-vr-installation-for-art-brussels-2016-4 miguel-chevaliers-vr-installation-for-art-brussels-2016-5 miguel-chevaliers-vr-installation-for-art-brussels-2016-6 miguel-chevaliers-vr-installation-for-art-brussels-2016-7 miguel-chevaliers-vr-installation-for-art-brussels-2016-8 miguel-chevaliers-vr-installation-for-art-brussels-2016-9 miguel-chevaliers-vr-installation-for-art-brussels-2016-10 miguel-chevaliers-vr-installation-for-art-brussels-2016-11 miguel-chevaliers-vr-installation-for-art-brussels-2016-12 miguel-chevaliers-vr-installation-for-art-brussels-2016-13

Complex Meshes 2016, Miguel Chevalier
Generative virtual-reality installation
Private Collection, Brussels, Belgium
Size: 18 x 10 m  /  59 x 32.80 ft
Technical production: Voxels Productions
image courtesy of Miguel Chevalier
video © Claude Mossessian