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 Modern Outdoor Living Design

 Modern Outdoor Living Design

Outdoor spaces are in the limelight when it comes to house design. This home make-over trend has become a must-have in many modern residences as it allows you to seamlessly merge the interiors with your backyard. Thesedays, for many, a functional outdoor living space has become an essential inclusion in their new home builds.

Outdoor kitchen spaces

Kitchens feature prominently in outdoor spaces nowadays as more and more weather-resistant appliances are finding their way into the market. Additionally, there are spaces for cooktops, sinks and a small refrigerator which can be placed outside. A great design aesthetic is to incorporate stainless steel in stone or brick. You can do this in many ways like creatively designing a stone kitchen island or installing a brick oven as seen on Pizza Oven Pros.

Not only will this keep your appliances anchored, it will give them a true outdoorsy look. Just remember that you will need some sort of cover to safeguard the appliances. Installing something like a vent hood will ensure year round, all season and all-weather cooking.

Outdoor fireplaces

A fireplace forms a classic mainstay of any outdoor area. As the heat of the day abates, sitting around a fire is the perfect way to spend the evening. That said, over the years fireplaces have changed in appearance and design with features which give them an artistic look. Outdoor fireplaces can either be gas or wood fuelled with a stone veneer siding provided as a finishing touch.

Allow better traffic flow

If you want your indoors to seamlessly blend with the outdoors, the larger the opening between the two areas the more connected they will look. While a simple French door can do the trick, it is better to install a row of folding glass doors that can be pushed aside whenever needed.

This will allow for uninterrupted flow of traffic and make it feel like one large space instead of two different rooms. When you retract the entire wall you won’t even notice that you have walked outside.

  Modern Outdoor Living Design

Keep the floor level uniform

Avoid change in the levels of the outdoor and indoor floors to ensure smooth flow. When the two spaces are on the same level you can feel better connected. To take the experience to a new level use the same flooring both inside and outside. Just make sure that you use a durable material like tile or porcelain stoneware to withstand the vagaries of the elements.

Maintain continuity

The decor of your indoor space is as important as that of the outdoors. The style of your outdoor living space should complement the design and style of the home in order to create a feeling of continuity between the two. This can be easily achieved by blending the interior color palette and materials into the materials and finishes of the outdoor area. Use bright and fresh colors to emphasize the outdoor style.

Keep it well-lit

Lighting is just as important to the outdoors as it is to the interior of the home. If you want to enjoy your time in the backyard see that the entire space is adequately illuminated. Overhead lighting will brighten up large areas. Additional lighting from outdoor lamps and fireplaces will add to the ambiance. Install some pots of greenery to enhance a national setting.

Apply the finishing touch

Pay attention to small details that will make the space more interesting. Neatly arranged planters will add color and soften up the spaçe. Unique sculptures will add the interest as will a fire pit and outdoor stereo to raise the entertainment level. And finally, don’t forget the the throw pillows to add style, color and provide comfort. Your modern outdoor living area should embrace nature while taking full advantage of your contemporary home style.