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Mono Lamp by Simon Forgacs

Mono Lamp Simon Forgacs

Bence Szemerey

Inspired by TV test cards, Hungarian designer Simon Forgacs has realized the Mono Lamp, a lighting fixture that captures the essence of TV for a generation that grew up in the ‘80s – ‘90s.

“As a child, I was fascinated by how cool test cards looked on the TV screen,” says Forgacs. “The strange geometrical shapes, vivid colours, and the fact that they lived inside the same box where Star Wars and Back to the Future did, mesmerised me every time. It made no sense at all, but I still loved it.”

 Mono Lamp Simon Forgacs

“This was a time way before I had heard of the Internet or played with computer games, a time when TV was the ultimate symbol of technology at our fingertips, “ adds Firgacs. “Looking at a test card was like looking under the hood of a complex machine. With time test cards became a symbol of a dominant era of TV history and I wanted to capture some of it in a symbolic object, this is how MONO LAMP was born.”

Made in Italy, the MONO LAMP comes in two colors with an ash wood and aluminum base, a 30 cm diameter illuminated plastic globe, an easily replaceable standard light bulb. The Mono Lamp is available now for pre-order over at Indiegogo for $111 USD.

  Mono Lamp Simon Forgacs Mono Lamp Simon Forgacs Mono Lamp Simon Forgacs Mono Lamp Simon Forgacs

all images © Bence Szemerey