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Monte Specie 2305m.a.s.l Lookout by Messner Architects, Dolomites

Messner Architects

Messner Architects and sculptor Franz Messner were commissioned by the Fondazione Dolomiti-Dolomiten-Dolomites-Dolomitis to create a look outs and info structures in different visitor-heavy points of the World Hertitages Site Dolomiti UNESCO.

After the development of a prototype, the Department of Natural Reserves (Ripartizione natura, paesaggio e sviluppo del territorio) of the Provincia di Bolzano in Northern Italy has commissioned the construction of a first Look Out on Monte Specie at 2,305m.a.s.l. in County of Dobbiacco. Construction is completed in mid-July 2015. The main idea is to create a info-structure with a very strong connection to its context.


Rather than adding discrete pieces of infrastructure, the form physically transforms the land. By “raising” the soil Messner Architects have obtained the top of the platform, which partly floats above the ground. The outer perimeter is made of steel, filled with rubble/material from the site. The constraints between building and context blur.


A small canyon leeds to a circular opening in the center of the platform, where informations is stored. A circular index made of stainless steel shows the visible summits. Further information about the landscape and the geology of the Dolomites is found on the outer skirt of the index.

 monte-specie-2305m-a-s-l-lookout-by-messner-architects-dolomites-4 monte-specie-2305m-a-s-l-lookout-by-messner-architects-dolomites-5 monte-specie-2305m-a-s-l-lookout-by-messner-architects-dolomites-6 monte-specie-2305m-a-s-l-lookout-by-messner-architects-dolomites-7

all images courtesy of Messner Architects