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Much Ado About Garden Sheds

Much Ado About Garden Sheds

Garden sheds are more than just structures used to house gardening tools and equipment. It is actually a versatile building that can be used for a lot of other things. These diminutive structures offer you a space where you can do more than just store fertilizer, trowels, gloves, and more. These can also double as a decorative piece in your garden or back yard.

The trick is in picking the right garden shed design for your backyard. It should have enough space to store everything you want to put in it while at the same time, look good enough to become a focal point in your garden. There are many garden shed designs for you to pick from. Here are some of them:

Vintage look – This look can be achieved with the help of peeling paint and muted colours. Garden sheds that look like time weathered them can be used as a storage facility, a decorative piece, and even a place you can sit in for a cup of tea. Simply add windows and a table for two to complete this idea.

Mini-barn look – This design will also look great in your garden, provided that you get it right. A shingled gambrel roof, a sliding door on one side, and double swinging doors in the other side are some of the things to add to this design. Try to look for a barn design that you like and copy it but in a miniature form.

A-frame design – This is probably the most basic of all garden shed designs. While some people might consider this a boring shed to have, how to style it is actually up to you. Paint it bright colours to make it pop or add interesting details to its exterior, like a small porch or a chalkboard wall.

 Much Ado About Garden Sheds

What to Do Before Putting Up Your Garden Shed

Whatever design you choose for your garden shed, there are a few things you have to do before you begin building it or buying a prefab one for your garden. Here are some of them:

Choose where to put itLocation, location, location. This is one of the big decisions you need to make when it comes to garden sheds. Find the right spot in your yard where it can add an aesthetic value, be easy to clean and maintain, and easy to get in and out of.

Obtain the right permits – If the garden shed you are putting in your yard will have components that will make it somewhat habitable, you might need to ask your local council if you need permits for it. The same goes for garden sheds that are a specific size.

Decide between DIY or professionally built sheds – If you are all thumbs when it comes to handling tools like hammers and hand saws, it might be better if you have professionals handle the construction of your garden sheds. Or you can opt for a prefabricated shed that you can easily put together and place right down on your property. If you have DIY skills, you can choose to build your shed yourself.